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How to Cover “Tired From Life” Dark Under Eye Circles

You don’t have to look as tired as you feel! The beauty hack that has been saving me! Continue reading

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I am a Pre-School Teacher and I have a Baby. Here are Drugstore Products that Make me feel like a Million Bucks

Favorite cheap makeup. Drugstore products that will make you glow! Continue reading

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Remember That Time I Kept Buying/Wearing Almost The Same Color Lipstick?

Hello Originals,   So it pains me to say but my makeup days of taking 30 or 45 minutes to put a full face of makeup on are looong gone. Well at least for now, you know the whole taking … Continue reading

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Mommy Hack # 1, An Awesome Sephora Deal To Try To Tame My Hair

Hello Originals!, So my hair since I have been pregnant and given birth has gone cray cray. I have always had a lot of fine hair. The follicles are fine, but I have a lot of actual hair. Well when … Continue reading

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Working on my fitness, skin maintenance and more with less than 3 months until my wedding! Skincare focused March 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone! So I am not even going to lie, March has been one heck of a crazy month with little time to post. Two bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, concerts, a trip to California, a wedding shower, and a full … Continue reading

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Top 14 Products of 2014

This is going to be a long post originals, so I will try my best to keep it less gabby as possible. Here are my ride or die, best, most beloved 14 products of 2014. You may want to go … Continue reading

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Best of 2014 Non-Glamorous Beauty Items

On this blog I often feel that I talk only about pretty products. Products that are shiny and new. I am starting to feel like a little kid that only shows friends  their brand new toys. But what about the … Continue reading

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The One Beauty Product You Should Spend Money On This Year (or return another item for this one after Christmas!)

NARS. The beauty brand made famous by good quality makeup products mixed with saucy names such as Orgasm Blush, NC-17 Eyeshadow Duo, and Siberia Foundation Color (we get it, it’s the palest shade!) Bitter, not bitter, #palegirlproblems! I have to … Continue reading

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First of Holiday Palette Series, Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Holiday Blush Kit

Hello Originals, Sorry long time no blog. You know the whole day job thing in mid October gets a little stressful and crazy. I also was insanely sick for about 3 weeks there. How do I not have an immune … Continue reading

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Go Get Now, Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

I try not to buy into “hype” but these amazing lipsticks are worth it. Yes they are matte, but there is not a dry or chapped lip in sight. These go on like a  smooth gloss, but they are beautifully … Continue reading

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