Best of 2014 Non-Glamorous Beauty Items

On this blog I often feel that I talk only about pretty products. Products that are shiny and new. I am starting to feel like a little kid that only shows friends  their brand new toys. But what about the old puzzles, boardgames, and blocks?

That is why I have made this post. I wanted to highlight “essentials” that everyone needs but maybe  isn’t written about much. All of these products are found in the drugstore and cost 13 dollars or less.

1). Jergens  BB Cream for Body.


Subtle but awesome coverage and also moisturizing. Can’t place the scent, but it is good. Makes skin appear smoother, especially in pictures.

2). Sonia Kashuk Body Lotion in Purple Seductia


I feel like this line of body products is really underrated by Sonia Kashuk. This lotion is amazingly textured, and the scent lingers on me all day. You can find all of the Sonia Kashuk body/bath products at Target. There is everything in the line from body wash, to oils, to creams. All products  have a very high end formula at a drugstore price.

3). Dove Body Wash


This Purely Pampering formula is incredible. Will turn any skin into baby soft skin. I doubly promise! I have tried cheaper/more expensive things and nothing is as good as Dove.

4). Freeman Clay Masks and Queen Helen Clay Masks.



These masks work so well! They get gunk out of your skin like no other. Just be careful to not leave on longer than the directions state, or it will be painful!

5). Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste


So last post when I said that Nars  Audacious lipsticks were my favorite beauty find in 2014? OK I forgot about this toothpaste.! Both myself and Mr. Soon to Be Doctor Man swear by this stuff. I am addicted, it makes this really strong foam in your mouth that really cleans everything up. My breathe has also been made noticeably fresher. No I’m not sponsored by Aquafresh, but I should be! I can’t even use any of my old favorite toothpastes now. I double stock up at CVS like a crazy toothpaste hoarder. Mr. Soon to be Doctor Man said it makes other toothpastes feel like water, and he’s right!

Alright that is my unglamorous best of beauty list for 2014. What are some of your favorites?

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G.

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