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The Makeup Impaired Proof Bronzed Eye featuring the Anastasia Amezy Palette

So you would think that I would come up with a nicer title than that…but no sorry! On the day that my beloved Joan Rivers died I am going to be as snarky as can be. Also in the vain … Continue reading

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The 10 Dollar Product That is a Makeup Artist Secret

Hello Originals! Happy Monday to everyone! So have you ever bought an eyeshadow, or eyeshadow palette and thought to yourself, it doesn’t look like how that blogger made it look, or the YouTube beauty guru? Yes, it happened to me … Continue reading

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Walk Like an Egyptian, or at Least Look like Cleopatra! Eyeliner 101

Hello Originals! What is the number one secret to getting bigger, brighter eyes? Eyeliner of course! What to do when there are SO many eyeliner types on the market? How do you know which type is best for you? It … Continue reading

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The Concealer Trick I Know to Get Rid of My Racoon Eyes

Hey Originals! So I want to first start off and say that I do this blog for FUN! I say in my about page, that I am not a trained professional. Makeup/writing/blogging is a pure hobby of mine right now. … Continue reading

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