I am a Pre-School Teacher and I have a Baby. Here are Drugstore Products that Make me feel like a Million Bucks

Hello Originals,

Due to the overwhelming positive response I will be posting my two part skincare series this weekend. As mentioned previously it will contain a boatload of product suggestions, tips, and be separated into an AM and PM routine. I will be working on it a bit every day for your reading pleasure. Until than I thought to myself what are makeup products that I have loved recently?

What are things that have made me show off  my skin after all the hard work I have been putting into my routine? I put together five products that I HAVE BEEN obsessed over and will be great for the upcoming hot months. I live in Texas we don’t really have much of a spring, for us it’s Summer is Coming (not Winter for all my GOT fans!) 

This picture was taken Friday night before my microwave exploded. Yeah my microwave went and burned a hole in itself. How freaking crazy is that? At least the products I like are all 15 dollars or less, gotta save up to buy a new microwave now since mine spontaneously combusted. I’m wearing all 5 products mentioned in this post.

Oh yeah that red mark on my forehead IS NOT a zit for all you police type people. My dog or son scratched me, I can’t remember who!Products from left to right; Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer, L’Oréal Pro-Glow Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory, NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel, Wet N Wild Megaglow Contour Palette in Carmel Toffee

First product which is my favorite and weirdly the cheapest is the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. Essence is a very cheap brand sold at Ulta. I recommend this for everyone! It is $4.45, and seriously comparable to my $45 Hourglass Ambient Powder. It is a very subtle buildable highlight. If you don’t want to walk around looking like a disco ball or unicorn, get you this product. Put it on top of your blush, cheekbones. You will look glowing within.

Next is the most expensive product but good God Physicians Formula is always on sale. Do not buy unless you get some sort of discount. It is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer sold between $14-15 bucks. This bronzer is amazing and smells like the best smelling sort of sun tan lotion. Once again it is subtle and buildable. You can pile it on and just look tan, not like Jersey Shore gone bad. I got it in the Light Bronze shade. If you are paler than me, or one shade darker get this color. Everyone else go with just the Bronzed shade.

Third is L’Oréal Pro-Glow. I love this stuff! It looks like I have nothing on, but my skin is perfect. It is super long wearing. If you are like me, normal to dry skin you don’t need a primer. If you are combo/oily to slightly oily I think you can get away with it with a primer. Super oily skin girls I suggest you mix with another foundation, the same foundation almost by L’Oréal, it’s just called the Pro Matte and it’s made for oiler skin types. If you are like Alli I am not a psycho makeup addict like you and I don’t mix foundations, just get the Pro-Matte. Drawbacks; das expensive for drugstore foundation $11-14 dollars depending on the store. I am also wearing the lightest shade in the range, and hi! I am not the palest white girl in the rainbow. It also pulls pink on my so I warm it up with bronzer/blush.

I am seriously obsessed with glowing… I guess because I can’t ever tan, I try to glow!
Next up is boring but useful brow gel from NYX. It’s called Control Freak, and although that name describes the exact opposite of my personality, I can’t help but love this $6 dollar tube of magic. It is hairspray for my brows, they stay in place without feeling too crunchy, and I didn’t spend 20 bucks on the Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel. Win win!

Finally last product is a decisive product for me, but I’m putting it in anyways, it’s the Wet N Wild Megaglo Contour Palette. I have mine in the lighter shade, Carmel Toffee. Since Le Baby Boy came into the world I have the worst undereye circles. I am talking BAD. I spend half my makeup routine covering them up, not even joking. To help set my concealer I put the yellow powder on top of my concealer. It sets my concealer, and helps brighten that area. I don’t really get along with the bronzer part. It’s sort of powdery and not quite right for me. But with it costing $4.99, I don’t really care that I just use the yellow side.

Swatches L to R; the Wet N Wild Contour duo, first yellow side than bronzer, than the PF Butter Bronzer, finally the Essence highlight.
Consistency of the L’Oréal foundation, that one dot will cover half my face. I do use 2 and half dots to cover everything.
Ok! Top drugstore products I can’t live without done. Next stop is more skincare! Till next time loves!

Sincerely, with all my love, Alli G

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  1. Very pretty! Happy Tuesday!

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