Crazy Things I do for Beauty! Try a $180 dollar Face Balm

So remember when I told you that my sister and I went on like a quest or something to find amazing skincare products. Enter in May Lindstrom Skincare. Never heard of it? Well I am about to open Pandora’s box for you, so if you aren’t down to find out how the Tesla of skincare worked for me, than I understand, it’s a lot of money for face wash, Cerave works just great at less than a tenth of the price.

Photo Credit Chalkboard Magazine, they credited May Lindstorm for the photo.

The above photo is of the model/creator/beauty alchemist May Lindstorm herself, giving her skin an organic steam bath. Yes I have never looked that great doing anything in my life. Moving on…I first heard about May Lindstorm from one of my favorite skincare bloggers, Chris from TophCam. He is amazing check out his blog here at He is  insanely smart, calm, and is so knowledgeable about ingredients he is almost like a chemist that specializes in all things skin related. Anyways he would describe May Lindstorm products as being life changing, mood altering, and I was like well I have got to get me some of that. Than I looked up the price for said products;

Yes, yes 90 dollars for a face mask and 180 dollars for face balm was just not in my budget. Than flash forward to my sis trying skincare and giving me samples. She got a sample of the May Lindstorm’s Blue Cocoon. Is it really that good I asked her? Yes Alli, it really is that good. I will give it a try than! Don’t twist my arm Molly!

Well let’s discuss why in the hell these products cost so much, shall we? From their website, and I am summarizing here, “May’s products are crafted for the purpose of letting yourself be decadent and indulgent in your “skin-care ritual.” Not only are the products created with the most exotic ingredients, they are made to be an experience. They are intended for the user to take time for themselves. That sounds pretty cool, but what is in Blue Cocoon to make it 180 dollars?

First impression, this thing is for sure blue. Not like a bright blue, but yes a natural muted blue. The ingredients listed from Beautylish are

A lot of natural and certified organic ingredients, including the Blue Tansy Oil, which is what I am guessing gives the balm its signature color. No cheap fillers here, all real deal oils and butters.

So what are you supposed to do with this thing? Twice a day you are supposed to put a pea sized amount onto your face with a wet hand. The creamy balm turns into a warm oil that you literally massage into your skin. It is supposed to be good with all skin types, even inflamed skin and acne prone skin.

My experience with it I opened the little sampler package it came in and oh my goodness you could smell that thing from pretty far away. The balm is very very fragranted. I wouldn’t say in a bad or good way, it’s just boom! Powerful fragrance. Than you put the balm on your face and it definitely warms up the skin, but in the most delightful way. You have to keep messaging your face for it all to get absorbed. By that point you feel like you have massaged a relaxing aroma therapy oil into your skin. You than rinse it away. I agree with TophCam and the company’s website. It is most definitely a joyful experience to wash your face with the balm.

So Alli did it do anything? Heck yes. My skin felt like velvet every time I used it, and it helped clear up two hormonal pimples in a few days. Plus the process did make me give myself a five minute relaxing massage, so there is that.

Would you Buy Full Size Product? If I had the money, yes, but since I don’t, no. It is not a necessity at all, but if you are looking for a true way to treat yourself and you have the budget, go for it. You get a pretty hefty amount so you will be doing a little relaxing ritual for yourself everyday,  for at least 6 months to a year. So if you do cost per use, you would get more bang out of your buck. Sorry guys, I wanted to write how bad it was, or it did nothing for me, but that is just not the truth! I guess sometimes expensive things do work, but I can definitely tell you, that’s not the case all the time!

You can get May Lindstorm off Beautylish or direct from their site! Until next time Originals!

All my love,


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Findings From the Summer; What to Spend Money On! What to Save On! Part I (Lot’s of skincare included!)

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer and are looking forward to fall as much as I am. Good Lord I am sick of the heat and the mosquito’s. I seriously have so many bites still, and we are almost to October! Anywhoo the first day of fall was maybe 2 or 3 days ago?  And with a new season, turn, turn…Time to reflect! (classic rock/Forest Gump soundtrack reference. If you know what I am talking about than double high five!)

Image result for fall meme

I have been on a serious journey y’all. As my long time readers/friends/family know I have changed so much in just a few short years. Having little man, becoming a wife, and turning 30 all have something to do with it. I just am getting smarter with my money and what I want to invest in. I am not like yes bright shiny new eye palette, buy, buy, buy! I have enough eye shadow palettes. For realz though…I want my skin to stay as young as possible for as long as possible. Enter in my enabler, cough cough, my sister. She also wanted to start exploring skincare this summer. We have had so many conversations about if we spend a little more money on skincare now, we won’t have to spend loads of money later. And it is so true, that if your skin looks good than you need less makeup, ie spending less money on makeup. So my generous amazing sis, explored and explored. She read blogs just like me and started trying a whole slew of products. Any products that didn’t work she than gave to me to sample. Even if products worked out, she still gave them to me so she could purchase full size products.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, bedroom and indoor

Me and my gorgeous sis getting ready on my wedding day. Yes, I know we look nothing alike except we are both short with the same nose, but she is so stunning!

So, I am really dedicating this post to Mol. I love you, thanks for sharing this love of beauty with me, and introducing me to some kick butt products.

My numero uno product that I have fallen in love with, that I think everyone should try is drum roll please…Sunday Riley Good Genes All-in-One Lactic Acid Treatment. I DID NOT WANT TO LIKE THIS PRODUCT! There is so much freaking hype over it, people swear by it, and I was like there is no way that it can be that good. Well, I hate to say it, but it is a game changer. Every single time that I have used Good Genes, the next morning, people tell me I look pretty, or if I have changed my hair?, or why is your skin so glowy? I am not making this up, I do not have anyone paying me to say this (except hey Sunday Riley if you are reading hit me up haha!), it is seriously one of the best things I have ever put on my face.

Slide View: 1: Sunday Riley Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment, 1 oz.

Photo Cred-

What is it? It is a Lactic Acid Treatment Which means that it is a chemical exfoliating treatment that will  remove dead skin, impurities, minimize pores, and also plump the skin for a more youthful appearance. It is not as gentle as say pillows on your face, because well there is concentration of an ACID in the product.  You put one or two pumps over your entire face and let it do its thing overnight. In the morning your skin will feel like a baby’s butt, look extremely glowy, and more youthful. There is lots of ingredients that also help calm your skin, so it is not as serious as a chemical peel from your dermatologist.

Who is it good for? The directions say any skin type can use it. If you have sensitive skin, it recommends using as mask, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes, and than washing it off. If you are not sensitive you can leave it on overnight. DO A PATCH TEST FIRST ON YOUR ARM/HAND! People have crazy allergic reactions that they don’t know they even have sometimes, and you don’t want that reaction to happen on your face first. Also, if you are 26 and under and have great skin, you should save your money for something else. Go be young and free, buy you two eye shadow palettes!

How Often?-It really depends on your skin, but I would not suggest using this every day, for anyone. It is pretty potent, I think the concentration of acid is the highest you can get without a prescription. I use it twice a week, maximum. If you want stronger results, than maybe try three times a week. Also, CAUTION, if you start using this, please put SPF on your face for days after. Your newly found skin will be very sensitive, especially to the sun. You don’t want your newly emerged skin to be sun damaged…do you? DO YOU? Put some freaking SPF on your face.

How Much/Where Do I Buy?; Well this is the part that is going to make you a little upset. It makes me upset, but Originals I am suggesting this to you because IT TRULY WORKS DUDE. It is 105 dollars…for an ounce. But a bottle will last a looong time, because you need only one pump. I am serious, one pump, at most three times a week, this thing will last awhile. I am using the bottle that is leftover from when my sister tried it, and I haven’t even made a dent in the thing. But you bet your, you know what, that as soon as that thing runs out, I am buying a new one.

Second product I am in LOVE with and its way cheaper (yeah!)- Jordan Samuel Hydrate Serum. I can’t describe how much I love this serum, and the Jordan Samuel Plié face wash, don’t get me started, I could seriously write a Haiku poem about how much I love that face wash. Well I am actually in love with the line in general, it is an indie brand, uses high quality ingredients at an affordable price, made in the USA (I think Seattle to be exact.) This serum keeps your face seriously hydrated. Drank too much the night before? Slap some Hydrate Serum on it. Have mature skin? Hydrate Serum. Got a gnarly sun burn (because you didn’t listen to your own advice and use SPF after Good Genes) Hydrate Serum. I have loved the two products so much from Jordan Samuel, that he is  the fourth man that I am in love with…

1). My son

2). My husband

3). My dad

4). Jordan Samuel

Hydrate Facial Serum

Photo Cred

What is it? It is a hyaluronic acid that is meant to hydrate the skin (not exfoliate like the last product). Hyaluronic acid takes moisture particles from the air, and brings them to your skin to keep it constantly hydrated.  Also included in this serum is a stabilized from of Vitamin C to keep your skin glowy. It is awesome, lightweight, absorbs in the skin super quickly.

How to Use It? Every damn day if you please. Some days I use it twice in a day. Didn’t take it to California with me on a trip because I thought there was no room for it and well…Big Mistake not to use Jordan Samuel Hydrate Serum

Who Can Use It? Seriously anyone, unless you are allergic to the ingredients. Noone is paying me to say this stuff either…le sigh Jordan Samuel, my number 4 man, doesn’t know who I am.

How Much, Where to Buy? Celebrate peeps, it is only 29 dollars an oz. What a bargain! Well compared to Good Genes, yes, yes it is. I think the only place you can buy is from and I have never had any problems with ordering it or delivery.

Ready for a snack? Haha I know this post has been long Last item I’m posting! You will have to read part II for the crap products and cheap stuff that I have liked…hahaha anything to keep making you all readmy blog. The above pic is me with the below mentioned bronzer, and NO FOUNDATION, because my skin is getting pretty nice lately.

Third Item I’m Obsessed With Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Capri Coast

Image result for becca bronzers

I have never enjoyed bronzers all that much. Why you ask…because I’m so pale that everything makes me look dirty or orange, until I found this gem. It is perfect for me. It actually makes me look tan and sun-kissed. It is not matte, so most days I use it for bronzer, blush, and highlight. For my five minute face, which if you want me to do a Facebook Live Video of, I am getting the courage up to do it, I use it as eye shadow too. I think it has a perfect texture (not too hard or soft) and they have 5 very different shades, which should suit a variety of skin tones. It is 38 dollars, but I have used it every day since I got it, so it has been so so worth it for me. You can find it at Becca’s website and also Sephora.

Well that’s it for post # 1. Coming up are some awesome drug store finds, some products that were not good, and the most expensive skincare product I have ever tried! Until next time Originals!

All my love,



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Is it Worth It? LipSense Lip Product

I have a highly requested review on the newest MLM to be making buzz, LipSense. Right off the bat I need to tell you that I am not selling LipSense. I am not a distributor, so you can trust this is a 100 percent honest review. This LipSense color, Roseberry, was sent to me by a high school friend that is a distributor. She sent me the product at a blogger discount in exchange for a completely honest review. Amberly is a straight up kind of gal. In fact, she told me for this review to be truthful “my feelings won’t be hurt, I don’t make it or anything.” Oh my kind of Original chick or what!

My friend Amberly’s info will be listed at the bottom of this review if  you want to try this product for yourself. Up above is a picture of me wearing LipSense on the way to a fancy wedding. My idea was to do check ins and show you how a product would hold up against eating, drinking, schmoozing. Well good plans go to waste sometimes and I forgot my camera at home for check ins. Instead the rest of the pictures and product were taken on a little day road trip instead.

Ok ok what is LipSense anyways? The best way I can describe it, is that is a lip paint that coats your lips with a lip pigment for several hours. I get 11-12 hours of wear with this product when I usually get 4 hours with a long wear lipstick. What can I say I eat lipstick I guess? It is not a lipstick, gloss, or even liquid lipstick. It truly is its own class of product. It is a two step system, you have to apply the color (in a sort of tricky way) and than a gloss top coat. The two steps make sure that the product stays on, and that your lips don’t turn into dried up raisins.

Spoiler alert, LipSense works guys. It really does stay put through eating and drinking. Continue to read through my pros and cons to see if it is a product that you would want to try. Below is info that Amberly sent to me to explain more about the product.


I like to get the bad news out of the way first.

  •  If you are not a fan of alcohol, do not try this product! This stuff definitely stings when you first put it on. The company’s info claims that the sting is normal and it’s the product exfoliating your lips. Yes it is exfoliating it with a ton of alcohol. In fact, alcohol is the first ingredient listed. So if your not into that, I would not try this product!
  • LipSense is also a two step system. You truly do need the gloss. The gloss thing is not a gimmick! I thought I don’t need the stinking gloss, but you do Originals, unfortunately, you do! Pro within this con, the gloss is awesome and I love it! I have tried it over bare lips and my favorite lip liner and it looked great. I just wish it was a one step and go kind of a thing, but it’s not.
  • Speaking of application, this product is tricky to apply. If you are a makeup novice, you will have to practice to get the hang of it. You have to apply 3 coats, wait for each coat to dry. You also have to swipe the product in one direction on the lips. Please comment below if you want me to do a video on how to apply this product!

Pictures above are after each layer. The last pic is me with all the layers applied, including the glossy topcoat.

Now onto rainbows and sunshine! 


  • This stuff worked for me! It stayed on (as long as I applied the gloss, maybe 3 times over 12 hours)
  • It fades gracefully, chunks of products don’t come flying off, trust and believe this happened to me plenty of times with other lip products.
  • The color selection is awesome. Roseberry is what I picked, but there is truly a color for everyone.
  • Once again, with usage of the gloss, my lips were not dry. I didn’t feel like I needed to apply lip balm like a maniac the next day, unlike other long lasting products I have tried.Me after applying this product at 6:30 in the morning until 2:00 PM that same day.Me at 5:30 PM the same day that I applied it at 6:30 AM. It is starting to fade significantly on me at this point.

So there you have it. Here is a price graphic that Amberly sent to me 

Final thoughts? This product works, and I really liked it. I enjoyed it enough that I am buying another color. It may not be the best thing since sliced bread for everyone, especially with the high concentration of alcohol. I don’t  really care that much about the alcohol, but I know it might be a deal breaker for some of you. Could I get this product off easily at the end of the day? Yep, just with some Micellar Water, I don’t think you need to buy the Oops Remover. My suggestion, get the gloss and a color you like!

Huge huge thank you to

Amberly Marston, FB group Little Box of Lipsticks

Until next time Originals!

Love Always,

Alli G

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How to Cover “Tired From Life” Dark Under Eye Circles

I know,  I know you are sick and tired of me complaining I am tired. But that is my new way of life, and that is most of my friend’s way of life, being constantly exhausted. I have always had dark undereye circles, I believe some of it is genetic. Other factors are allergies, lack of sleep, having a baby…etc etc.

This is my undereye circles completely uncovered, in all their blue and purple glory. My undereyes are one of the few things I am completely and utterly self conscience about.

Here is another shot, just to make you feel better about your dark circles!

Although I am a beauty blogger, I too don’t know everything about makeup. I was made to believe by my research that since I have pale skin, I need to cover my dark undereyes with a pink corrector.  Correctors  have really hit the market in a big way of late. They are different colored concealers that address different skin issues. Pink is supposed to counteract the blue on fair skin. I have always felt that this technique really didn’t work for me, putting a pink corrector under a traditional concealer.
I based my lack of coverage on lack of skill, until I spoke with an amazing makeup artist at my local Sephora, that very politely told me that my undereyes were too damn dark to be covered by pink corrector!  I needed some more heavy duty stuff, orange corrector. Think about it, orange is the exact opposite of blue on the color wheel, meaning orange or salmon color correctors will cancel out blue almost entirely.

Here comes Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in Melon to save the day.

After you apply the corrector, you apply just a little bit lighter than your skin tone concealer to brighten things up. My new current concealer favorite is the NARS Soft Matte Concealer in Vanilla. It’s a new type of concealer from NARS and I AM OBSESSED with the formula, color, everything. It also does a good job covering up the hormonal chin pimple as well, but that’s for a different post.


Ok here is what I do to make this whole operation get rid of dark circles go really quickly. First I apply the corrector in 4-5 strips  right under my eye. I leave room between the strips. You will see why in a minute.

Than I put strips of my NARS concealer in between the strips of corrector like this.

So you have both corrector and concealer under your eye. And than you pat and than press both products with your ring finger into your skin. So I didn’t have my makeup perfectly blended for all the pictures…sorry! Did the pictures at like 6:30 AM.

Two shots of one eye (the left eye) being covered, the other day eye (the right eye) is makeup free. You can really see the coverage! 
Final shot of both eyes being covered with this technique! Pretty awesome right? So what are the takeaways
1). If you have severe blue/purple undereyes situation use an orange corrector! No matter you skin color. The Sephora one is a fantastic formula at only 14 bucks!
2). I have tried this technique in several different methods, trust me when I say the best way is to apply both products  at the same time and pat with your finger. Layering the products doesn’t work, and my Beautyblender sponge, buffed away some of the coverage, so your finger is the best method for application.

3). You are not alone in hating your undereyes! I salute all your working moms, stay at home moms, business boss chicks, teachers, dog lovers, basically anyone who is adulting currently. We are all tired as hell, we don’t have to look it!

Thanks for everything! All my ❤️ 

Alli G

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The Wish List # 1. When Your Budget and Eye are in Completely Different Places

Le sigh…

Although I believe that I have become a more careful consumer, I am human, I still like new and shiny things! There are so many things that I want to add to my collection of makeup/clothing/accessories, but don’t see myself adding right now. Mainly for budget reasons, but still these are on my wish list.

Shoutout to Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog that definitely inspired this post. She is hands down my favorite beauty blogger of all time. Period. Check her out at

Item # 1 Viseart Theory Palette in MinxI have heard these are the best eye shadows on the market. Not just from one person, but from almost every beauty guru out there. Their larger palettes are 80 dollars, 80 dollars! I don’t know if these are just hyped up or actually the best formula. This smaller palette for 45 dollars, appeals to me because it would let me try the brands matte and satin finishes. The more expensive palettes are usually all matte or satin. And these colors seem both pretty and practical. Number 1 on my wish list.

Item # 2 Oribe Body Cream

I own the hair texturizer and LOVE it. It does wonders for my fine wavy hair, and the scent, my goodness I love it more than most perfumes. I heard this lotion is uber luxurious, and the scent is incredible. Can I pay 65 dollars for it? Nope!

Item # 3 Crown Vintage Sarah Gladiator Sandal

Realistically this might become on my “have” list. I bought this same shoe in black and have loved them so much I want another color. These shoes rock, they are super comfortable, go with everything, and perfect for summer. Highly recommend!

Item # 4 Charolette Tilbury Lip Cheat In Pillow TalkThis is another makeup item that everyone swears by. It’s supposed to be the perfect nude/pink/mauve that actually makes people’s lips look bigger. It is 22 dollars and I might just have to break down and finally get it. One of the things I always want is a fuller pout!

Item # 5 Pink Classic Vans, or any Pink Tennis Shoe for that matter

How cute? How many things would these go with? They appear to be the perfect casual, running around shoe to me. I want them! Maybe when the weather cools down!

Item # 6 Adornia  Necklace in Woke

This blog is not the place for politics, but I do appreciate this new line of necklaces sold at Nordstrom that have different powerful sayings on them. This last year or so, I have definitely become “woke”, but more so for the hard realities of life. I love this, but it is 95 dollars, probably will be on the my wish list for awhile!

What are you wanting? What things are on your wish list?

Love always,

Alli G

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Is It Worth It? First up, By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Face Powder

This is me at the beginning of the work week. All happy and smiling with good makeup. By the end of the week, well it’s a little more like this…

I need fast and quick makeup, especially for  Thursdays and Fridays, when all I want to do is stay in bed. Not only does my makeup have to be fast and quick, but it’s gotta stay put. With a 15 month old, my husband and I are always rushing. Does anyone else feel like that too? We rush to dinner, we rush to Target, etc. Its like Alli its 5:15 and you are meeting friends at 5:45. The restaurant is 20 minutes away, you literally have 10 minutes to pack the diaper bag and put on makeup.

No one else?! Ok maybe just me and my spaz self. Anyways in those 10 minutes I want to look good. Enter into my makeup game translucent face powder. Sometimes, I mean most of the time, I don’t wear foundation. But I always always have to wear concealer or I look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Powder is a two for one because it sets my concealer and will make my face a bit more matte, or less shiny.There are 100s of powders on the market, why in the world did I want to try a 60 dollar one from the luxury brand By Terry? I don’t know, I am pretty darn sure I lost my mind when I purchased this. It claimed it had hyaluronic acid in it. If you read my skincare post, y, you know how much I love this stuff. And I wanted to try a product by By Terry for awhile so I decided to give it a whirl.

By the way I bought it off which is an awesome way to try luxury beauty products. They do a 3 month payment plan for any purchase of 99 dollars or more. It is an option if you want to try a more expensive item. That is how I bought this expensive AF powder. So now my thoughts if it’s worth it?

Here is me before I apply the powder. Shiny T-Zone and all

Here is me right after another applying and feeling I need to blend more. But it definitely chilled the oil out on my nose and brightened my undereye area.

This was applied at around 7:15 AM, how did it make it by the end of the day teaching 17 5-6 year olds?Not too shabby. My cheeks are still matte, but that pesky nose oil is peaking through. Not as shiny as the morning though, and I did not blot at all for this pic.

Final thoughts, is this 60 dollar face powder worth it? The answer is a big no. Although it does the trick I have a 12 dollar dupe that does the job better. It from the brand RCMA and it’s there No Color Powder Powder. I can do a side by side to show that the 12 dollar Powder from RCMA, leaves me more matte and brightens up my I under eye area better and it’s 1/5 the price, literally. So save your coins girls. I don’t hate this, but I will not repurchase!

All my love,

Alli G

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Anti-Haul #1 What I Am Not Going to Buy (And Stuff You Shouldn’t Buy Either)

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for supporting the Original Alli G! It has been so fun to get my creative juices flowing again, and writing about stuff I love best, beauty! If you keep reading, I will keep writing, no matter how freaking tired I will be.Cue to a pic of this weekend when poor baby was cutting molars AND battling an ear infection. Momma did not sleep until Tuesday night. It was rough, hence why my hair is a bit bed heady in this pic. But at least my makeup is on point! Speaking of things keeping you on point there are so many horrible products out there that do not keep you on point. I am writing this post as a PSA, to help you be a better more informed consumer.

Since having baby boy I discovered a sort of revolutionary makeup YouTuber named Kimberly Clark. Kimberly is an incredibly smart, articulate, hilarious beauty guru that so happens to perform in drag. She knows her stuff not only about makeup, but about consumerism as well. How we live in a buy, buy, buy NOW culture and the beauty industry is like the worst about this. But if you make informed decisions, and start shopping smarter than you won’t get sucked into this buy everything vortex. Kimberly is a voice of reason, and I am tonight, will try to be a voice of reason. Link to Kimberly’s channel is right here, please please watch her Anti-Hauls! She started this idea of “What I am not going to buy!”
First up is this expensive AF foundation from skincare line La Mer

You don’t need this. I don’t care if this stuff does the rest of your makeup for you (it doesn’t) you don’t need to pay 110 for natural coverage looking foundation. I don’t care how many celebrities are using this, you are not as rich as them. Even if you are rich, you wouldn’t be so casual throwing away more than 100 dollars on foundation. Buy yourself awesome skincare instead, use any cheap foundation you want afterwards because your skin will be on point from your new skincare. The end.

Next up is an almost 40 dollar lip balm from Tom Ford

I don’t care how freaking good Amy Adams makeup was in Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford, I am not paying this for a lip balm! What is wrong with this picture? Yes Tom Ford packaging is the best on the market. Hello people he was/is one of the best designers in the WORLD. He can design some sleek stuff. Doesn’t mean all the products in this packaging are good. That is not the case with these, I heard this is a pretty good lip balm. It is also the size of what a fairy would use. I have seen swatches online, they are pigmented, so are Burts Bees Colored Lip Balm. Save your money, buy yourself two weeks of lattes from the ‘Buck instead. Bye Tom Ford.

Next up are two products that are downright gimmicky. Well at least one is a straight up As Seen on TV product (but it’s not!)  The other is one I am not convinced to try. I present to you this lip product from Benefit.

This is called I think the Big Sexy Lip Kit. This lip product is supposed to save you time! Do two steps in one! It is a lipstick that has a darker lipcolor bordering it. The idea is that it is your lip liner and lipstick are one step/swipe. I have heard HORRIBLE things about this product. It is essentially a mediocre lipstick and the lipstick colors in this kit aren’t cute. I am not a fan of too heavy lip liner anyways. Not good at all… Example A 

Don’t need it, don’t want it all, come on Benefit do better!

Next is this gold oil thing everyone is writing about from Sephora.

Does gold make your skin better? I have done research that shows it could be harmful. Don’t trust everything you read, it could not be an accurate study, etc.  Just Google gold as a skincare ingredient and see what comes up. Make your own decisions! For me,  Gold jewelry and gold eyeshadow is enough. At 54 dollars, I rather get a very luxurious mani/pedi. Bye Farsali oil.
Finally I refuse to get this 

Everyone is palette crazy these days. Calm down with the eyeshadow palettes. Chances are you are not a makeup artist, you don’t need 40 shades of brown unless you need them for different skinetones. I promise it won’t be worth the investment. At 60 dollars, you can get a massage, a pair of shoes, good piece of costume jewelry, whatever the hell you want, just not 40 shades of mediocre quality brown eye shadows. I am also over Too Faced In general. As a brand they are starting to  care way more about packaging and weird smelling makeup than actual good makeup. I am 100 percent not getting this! Stop it Too Faced.

Ok y’all, that is my first anti-haul!🎉🎉🎉 I hope I talked one or two you into thinking more reasonably about over priced/over hyped crap. Please keep reading me and check out Kimberly! You will thank me!

Love always, Alli G

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A.M. Skincare Routine

Hello Originals,

I have below my AM routine and product suggestions. Please get you a snack, a drink, and chill. This post may take awhile.

First and foremost I am NOT a doctor, although I pretend I know everything I don’t! I have researched this routine over the course of a year and the products I have   selected, my hubs, who has PhD in Biochemistry has looked at the ingredients and done his own research. He has read in some journals which ones are proven to be effective,won’t burn your skin off, etc. Although he knows chemicals very well, he is also not a medical doctor so don’t get mad at me if something doesn’t work.

Also, please always try out skincare on your arm, hand, wrist, whatever before you just slap it all over you face. You don’t know what you could be allergic too, or what gives you a bad reaction. In addition there are so many different skin types. What works for me, may not for you etc. That is why I am giving you my steps, and different products for various skin types. Also nothing on here is over 45 bucks! Most stuff really is 20 dollars or under!

Ok here is a cute pic of my son to distract from all the boring disclaimers…

Moving on my skin type is now normal but can be combo/oily or combo/dry depending on the day. I am 30 years old, with unfortunately a lot of sun exposure/freckles. My main concern is anti-aging, getting rid of large pores and zits, and also looking as radiant as possible. First step are tools you need no matter your skincare products

What the heck Alli,  cotton pads? Ok ok, hear me out. You don’t want to keep scrubbing hard on your skin. I mean it, stop that motion right now. Think about how thin your skin is by your eyes, nose, cheeks, etc. When using all these products use the most gentle tools. These beauty cotton pads I found at the Japanese dollar store Daiso, and they are 1.50 for 150 count. They are so soft, and they remove every trace of makeup. If you don’t have a Daiso by you, you can order the designer versions of these, Shiseido Cotton Pads, from Sephora. They are 10 dollars for 165 but cut them in half to make it over 300. Highly recommend the Daiso ones. Stop tugging on your skin! Link for Shishedo ones right here

I also use these microfiber towels as my wash clothes. They are soft and help get everything of my face very effectively. Don’t be scared, they aren’t just for cleaning furniture, unlike what the pictures show. They are good to use on your face. They are 10 for 10 dollars at Bed Bath and Beyond, link is here

Now onto my steps;

  • Cleanse (sometimes double cleanse)
  • Tone
  • Exfoliate 
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF

So the rest of my routine is highly researched,  but this piece of advice is purely anecdotal. Do not wash your face more than twice a day. I have given so many friends this advice and it has worked wonders for their complexions. Washing your face too much makes your skin think its dehydrated so it keeps producing more oil. Or washing too much can keep constantly breaking apart your skin cells causing irritation. Wash your face in the morning and night. If you get really sweaty after working out, wash your face than and not before bed. Remember companies want you to buy more, so they say stuff like “wash whenever you feel you need to” on their directions. Don’t do it, you are just wasting product, and making your face act up.

Now onto cleansers there are several different types, and they are meant to be boring as hell. Not too special ingredients, and think about this, you don’t want it to be full of good ingredients because you wash it right off. You want the good stuff, with the better ingredients, to be the skincare steps that stay on your face. Just a basic good old cleanser for everyone is this

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. CeraVe is probably one of the best drugstore brands for skincare. My dermatologist was actually the first one to tell me about this brand. They put ingredients into their stuff to try to balance your skin and add moisture back after you have stripped it away. No scent, or fancy packaging, just a good hardworking face wash. This particular face wash is currenty 8.09 dollars at Target. It’s sister, the hydrating wash (for those with dry skin) is even cheaper for 7.55 at Target.

For my makeup wearers out there, you may need a different type of face wash. One that cleanses and takes your makeup off behold the Micellar Water.

This is where the cotton pads come in. You soak them, put the pad on the area you want removed of makeup, hold for about 10 seconds and gently wipe. I have tried almost all brands of this Micellar water stuff, and this one by Garnier is by far my favorite. It is 6.99 at Target for over 13 OZ of product! That is a steal. The pink cap and blue cap version are both good.

Another good makeup removing cleanser option is for oily skin is to use an actual facial oil cleanser. Best one I have tried is from the Japanese skincare brand DHC and it’s their most popular product, the Deep Cleansing Oil. It is 28 dollars, and you have to buy online. Look for their first time customer, 50 percent off your purchase. That discount floats around several times a year.  With that discount is how I bought mine for 14 bucks. I know it sounds counter intuitive to wash your face with oil if you have oily skin, but I promise it helps to balance. Not over night, skincare takes about a month to see results. 

If you have normal to dry skin, I have found my favorite cleanser ever. I am not joking when I say it’s now my favorite thing to put on my face. It removes every stitch of makeup and leaves my skin feeling unfathomable soft. Instead of an oily or liquid cleanser, it is a gelly like texture. It is from a new indie skincare brand called Jordan Samuel. This particular cleanser is 20 dollars and you can order it from their website. If you aren’t cool with that, I heard this one from Sonia Kashuk, that you can buy at Target is very similar. It is also 5 bucks cheaper here is the link for it

Don’t think you need all these cleansers! Start off with the CeraVe and pick another one to help remove makeup. This process is called the Double Cleanse by the way, and it’s a Korean skincare staple. You first use the oil, or balm, and than a regular cleanser like CeraVe. Next up is toner.

Toner helps you get rid of more dirt and oil and balances your skin. The one I am currently testing and using in the morning is the most expensive product I have here in this post, and it is also from DHCThis is their Coenzyme Q10 Lotion. It really is not a lotion but a toner. The best toners right now have Co Q10 in them. This ingredient helps the skin to build more collagen, helps with skin turnover, and assists with skin elasticity. This stuff rocks, but at 37 dollars you have to decide if it’s worth it for you. I feel it is making my skin behave better, and removes literally every last stitch of dirt off your face. The Co Q10 ingredient is beneficial to all skin types. If this doesn’t sound appealing, just get you Witch Hazel Toner from the drugstore. It is actually a very effective good natural toner.

Next up is exfoliating. If you take anything out of this blogpost it’s that chemical exfoliation in your new best friend. Physical exfoliation is probably what you are used to, and that is the grainy beady stuff in certain face scrubs. Get rid of it, its bad for the environment anyways. The more effective ways to exfoliate are through acids BHAs or AHAs. This is the stuff I have to give several warnings about. 

You first have to figure out which acid works best for you. AHA, glycolic acid, works best for me everyday. Glycolic acid and lactic acid tend to be better used for more dry/normal skin. That is because they help the skin hold onto moisture better. BHAs or salicylic acids tend to be better for oily/combo skin. In addition, these will take some getting used to. Don’t start off exfoliating two times a day. Start off once every other day, than move to once a day and than twice a day. A great place to start is the Pixi Glow Tonic. 15 bucks from Target well spent.

It is 5% Glycolic Acid. To better understand what this means, most chemical peels at the doctors office is 20-70 strength acid. This is a very low concentration, but used two times a day yields great results. I also use a BHA twice a week, but that is for the PM post. 

This is another Glycolic Acid idea. This product is from the website DECIM, a skincare website out of Canada. I can do a whole blogpost on DECIM products, because there are so many brands/products housed under DECIM. This exfoliator is from their cheapest, bare bones, no frills brand The Ordinary. It is a little stronger than the Pixi Glow Tonic, and at 7 bucks for 7% Acid I will keep you updated how I like it.

If you start to use a chemical exfoliator, you need to use SPF. Unfortunately this is not a choice, because the acids will make your skin super sensitive to sunlight. Using a sunscreen is my final step in my skincare.

But before I apply sunscreen, I use moisturizers. I do this in two different ways, with a serum and a moisturizer. If you feel like you don’t need a serum than don’t use both! Serums do add extra beneficial ingredients to your skin, and good serums will penetrate deep into your skin. My favorite I used was also from DECIM and it’s from their midrange of products to target anti-aging called Hylamide. This serum was pure Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic differs from the other acids I told you about because it doesn’t exfoliate. In fact it is an incredible moisturizer that seals in moisture from the air to your skin. Companies are starting to jump on the HA bandwagon and put in a lot of products. This serum was 20 bucks. 

I run out of my Hylamide Serum so I am testing out this new one from DECIM’s cheapest brand the Ordinary. This serum has HA and a bunch of other good proteins for your skin. It is 6 bucks cheaper at 14 dollars. Serum is not necessary for everyone. Think of it as a booster to your smoothie. Your serum can address specific skincare needs like anti-aging, radiance building etc.

Now onto actual moisturizer. Mine I use are super boring, but super effective. This one is from CeraVe and locks in moisture so well. It is also not fragranced which is nice. Most of my skincare is not  fragranced or smells like medicine. Skincare should not smell good! Fragrance will irritate the skin! Good stuff and 9.97 at Wal-Mart. You could pay extra for the CeraVe AM moisturizer that includes SPF. That one is 13 bucks, but you could skip a step by doing a two for one. Here is a link for that product sold at Bed Bath and Beyond,store:5602101740403995418&prds=oid:12876761710291300070&q=cerave+am&hl=en-us&ei=aBjyWJ7hGebLjwS2r4XQCA&lsft=gclid:Cj0KEQjwicfHBRCh6KaMp4-asKgBEiQA8GH2x4Hu1nD0GHz-lbaHfZX5S6YgyfcUgJSqtjHjfgk7xMUaAjgZ8P8HAQ

  • Another good moisturizer is from the brand First Aid Beauty, sold at Sephora. 

They hand out samples of this stuff like candy, seriously. I have never purchased because I have received a million samples. This stuff is awesome because you literally can put all over your body, and yet it is somehow not too thick. It is 30 bucks for a full jar that looks like will last you forever.

SPF! SPF! Number one thing that prevents aging and will keep your skin healthy. It is also the final step to my routine. You really can use any face sunscreen you like. I have been using this one from Clinique and have been loving it.It is lightweight, non-greasy, and makeup applies well on top. I suggest an SPF of 30 or higher everyday.

Ok Originals I am finally done. Here are high points to summarize

  1. Use a few of these products, don’t go out and purchase all of them. Read what could work for you and slowly start building your routine. Mine took a year to complete. Even if I just give you an idea for one product great.
  2. Expensive skincare doesn’t always mean better. The most expensive thing I have here is 37 dollars. You can achieve results with reasonably costed products
  3. Use a chemical exifolator!
  4. Wear SPF during the day, every day
  5. Steps again are cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturize (either with a serum, moisturizer or both) and than SPF.

We are done! Thanks Originals! PM routine is coming up!

All my love, Alli

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I am a Pre-School Teacher and I have a Baby. Here are Drugstore Products that Make me feel like a Million Bucks

Hello Originals,

Due to the overwhelming positive response I will be posting my two part skincare series this weekend. As mentioned previously it will contain a boatload of product suggestions, tips, and be separated into an AM and PM routine. I will be working on it a bit every day for your reading pleasure. Until than I thought to myself what are makeup products that I have loved recently?

What are things that have made me show off  my skin after all the hard work I have been putting into my routine? I put together five products that I HAVE BEEN obsessed over and will be great for the upcoming hot months. I live in Texas we don’t really have much of a spring, for us it’s Summer is Coming (not Winter for all my GOT fans!) 

This picture was taken Friday night before my microwave exploded. Yeah my microwave went and burned a hole in itself. How freaking crazy is that? At least the products I like are all 15 dollars or less, gotta save up to buy a new microwave now since mine spontaneously combusted. I’m wearing all 5 products mentioned in this post.

Oh yeah that red mark on my forehead IS NOT a zit for all you police type people. My dog or son scratched me, I can’t remember who!Products from left to right; Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer, L’Oréal Pro-Glow Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory, NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel, Wet N Wild Megaglow Contour Palette in Carmel Toffee

First product which is my favorite and weirdly the cheapest is the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. Essence is a very cheap brand sold at Ulta. I recommend this for everyone! It is $4.45, and seriously comparable to my $45 Hourglass Ambient Powder. It is a very subtle buildable highlight. If you don’t want to walk around looking like a disco ball or unicorn, get you this product. Put it on top of your blush, cheekbones. You will look glowing within.

Next is the most expensive product but good God Physicians Formula is always on sale. Do not buy unless you get some sort of discount. It is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer sold between $14-15 bucks. This bronzer is amazing and smells like the best smelling sort of sun tan lotion. Once again it is subtle and buildable. You can pile it on and just look tan, not like Jersey Shore gone bad. I got it in the Light Bronze shade. If you are paler than me, or one shade darker get this color. Everyone else go with just the Bronzed shade.

Third is L’Oréal Pro-Glow. I love this stuff! It looks like I have nothing on, but my skin is perfect. It is super long wearing. If you are like me, normal to dry skin you don’t need a primer. If you are combo/oily to slightly oily I think you can get away with it with a primer. Super oily skin girls I suggest you mix with another foundation, the same foundation almost by L’Oréal, it’s just called the Pro Matte and it’s made for oiler skin types. If you are like Alli I am not a psycho makeup addict like you and I don’t mix foundations, just get the Pro-Matte. Drawbacks; das expensive for drugstore foundation $11-14 dollars depending on the store. I am also wearing the lightest shade in the range, and hi! I am not the palest white girl in the rainbow. It also pulls pink on my so I warm it up with bronzer/blush.

I am seriously obsessed with glowing… I guess because I can’t ever tan, I try to glow!
Next up is boring but useful brow gel from NYX. It’s called Control Freak, and although that name describes the exact opposite of my personality, I can’t help but love this $6 dollar tube of magic. It is hairspray for my brows, they stay in place without feeling too crunchy, and I didn’t spend 20 bucks on the Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel. Win win!

Finally last product is a decisive product for me, but I’m putting it in anyways, it’s the Wet N Wild Megaglo Contour Palette. I have mine in the lighter shade, Carmel Toffee. Since Le Baby Boy came into the world I have the worst undereye circles. I am talking BAD. I spend half my makeup routine covering them up, not even joking. To help set my concealer I put the yellow powder on top of my concealer. It sets my concealer, and helps brighten that area. I don’t really get along with the bronzer part. It’s sort of powdery and not quite right for me. But with it costing $4.99, I don’t really care that I just use the yellow side.

Swatches L to R; the Wet N Wild Contour duo, first yellow side than bronzer, than the PF Butter Bronzer, finally the Essence highlight.
Consistency of the L’Oréal foundation, that one dot will cover half my face. I do use 2 and half dots to cover everything.
Ok! Top drugstore products I can’t live without done. Next stop is more skincare! Till next time loves!

Sincerely, with all my love, Alli G

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So I Turned 30 and Became Obsessed with Skincare

Only makeup is a swipe of the Milk makeup eyeshadow

I turned 30 about 3 weeks ago and I have to say it was wonderful. Every Birthday or even just regular day that you you wake up and are healthy means it’s a good day. After I had Little Man, I stopped wearing so much makeup. Shocker I know! Instead of focusing so much on makeup this new mommy became obsessed with skincare.

In my makeup obsessed mind, I thought that since I didn’t have as much time for makeup, good skin could make me still look banging. I am happy to report I was right! My skin has been in the best condition it has ever been. I can do a separate post for my current AM and PM skincare routine, just like this page or comment! These will be lengthy and detailed posts so I don’t want to get into it, unless people are curious!

Enough chat, I am writing this post because I did a birthday haul at Sephora to treat myself, but it ended up being a skincarepoloza. Disclaimer, now when I say I did a haul, I mean I spent literally 50 dollars. Little man has made the cash flow not so flowing these days. Anyways, these are things I have been wanting to try.

First things up were freebies. I have been saving my Sephora points for over two years and spent 500 points on this free set from First Aid Beauty. It includes a face wash that I love, a moisturizer, serum, and a primer. Super excited about this set.

Next up was another free set that Sephora offered for their rewards members birthdays. This was free! It’s from a French skincare line, Caudalie, and I have used and loved the serum in the set. The moisturizer smells nice and is pink. I am not sold on wine, or reiservateol, or whatever it’s called, making your skin young, but we shall see.

Now onto the crap I actually bought…

This is the most boring but necessary thing ever…face sunscreen. I heard awesome things about this one from Clinique, but man it’s tiny. It says it’s one oz (standard beauty product size) but dang it’s like pint sized. Will tell you how I feel soon.

Finally some freaking makeup Alli! Anyways this is the Eye Pigment from the quasi hipster makeup brand Milk. It is basically a cream eyeshadow that is supposed to last all day. The color I got is my go to for a one eyeshadow eye look, rose gold. In the swatch picture, the left swatch is when I rubbed vigorously(why I don’t know!), and the swatch on the right is a light tapping. This stuff dries quick, and to remove I had to use an oil based cleanser. I am liking it for the hour I have been wearing it so far. The shadow’s name is After Party.

To make my order 50 bucks to get free shipping, I popped these two overnight masks in my cart. They are supposed to be brightening, anti-aging, blah blah. I am more excited for the fact that I just put them on and go to sleep with them on. Exhausted mommy hack!
These are free samples I got More skincare…geez what am I doing?! I heard good things about both these moisturizers and I…I mean my husband… I mean I…wants me to stop stealing his Cerave moisturizer everyday. And for kicks and giggles I put this Replica Beach Walk fragrance because I heard it’s bomb, and it is. Great another pricey fragrance for me to want. Can’t I just like Bath and Bodyworks body spray and give the pricey stuff the boot. No no I can’t. Well Originals I am out. Fingers crossed I can post at least twice monthly (or weekly?!) 

Love always, Alli G.

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