Crazy Things I do for Beauty! Try a $180 dollar Face Balm

So remember when I told you that my sister and I went on like a quest or something to find amazing skincare products. Enter in May Lindstrom Skincare. Never heard of it? Well I am about to open Pandora’s box for you, so if you aren’t down to find out how the Tesla of skincare worked for me, than I understand, it’s a lot of money for face wash, Cerave works just great at less than a tenth of the price.

Photo Credit Chalkboard Magazine, they credited May Lindstorm for the photo.

The above photo is of the model/creator/beauty alchemist May Lindstorm herself, giving her skin an organic steam bath. Yes I have never looked that great doing anything in my life. Moving on…I first heard about May Lindstorm from one of my favorite skincare bloggers, Chris from TophCam. He is amazing check out his blog here at He is  insanely smart, calm, and is so knowledgeable about ingredients he is almost like a chemist that specializes in all things skin related. Anyways he would describe May Lindstorm products as being life changing, mood altering, and I was like well I have got to get me some of that. Than I looked up the price for said products;

Yes, yes 90 dollars for a face mask and 180 dollars for face balm was just not in my budget. Than flash forward to my sis trying skincare and giving me samples. She got a sample of the May Lindstorm’s Blue Cocoon. Is it really that good I asked her? Yes Alli, it really is that good. I will give it a try than! Don’t twist my arm Molly!

Well let’s discuss why in the hell these products cost so much, shall we? From their website, and I am summarizing here, “May’s products are crafted for the purpose of letting yourself be decadent and indulgent in your “skin-care ritual.” Not only are the products created with the most exotic ingredients, they are made to be an experience. They are intended for the user to take time for themselves. That sounds pretty cool, but what is in Blue Cocoon to make it 180 dollars?

First impression, this thing is for sure blue. Not like a bright blue, but yes a natural muted blue. The ingredients listed from Beautylish are

A lot of natural and certified organic ingredients, including the Blue Tansy Oil, which is what I am guessing gives the balm its signature color. No cheap fillers here, all real deal oils and butters.

So what are you supposed to do with this thing? Twice a day you are supposed to put a pea sized amount onto your face with a wet hand. The creamy balm turns into a warm oil that you literally massage into your skin. It is supposed to be good with all skin types, even inflamed skin and acne prone skin.

My experience with it I opened the little sampler package it came in and oh my goodness you could smell that thing from pretty far away. The balm is very very fragranted. I wouldn’t say in a bad or good way, it’s just boom! Powerful fragrance. Than you put the balm on your face and it definitely warms up the skin, but in the most delightful way. You have to keep messaging your face for it all to get absorbed. By that point you feel like you have massaged a relaxing aroma therapy oil into your skin. You than rinse it away. I agree with TophCam and the company’s website. It is most definitely a joyful experience to wash your face with the balm.

So Alli did it do anything? Heck yes. My skin felt like velvet every time I used it, and it helped clear up two hormonal pimples in a few days. Plus the process did make me give myself a five minute relaxing massage, so there is that.

Would you Buy Full Size Product? If I had the money, yes, but since I don’t, no. It is not a necessity at all, but if you are looking for a true way to treat yourself and you have the budget, go for it. You get a pretty hefty amount so you will be doing a little relaxing ritual for yourself everyday,  for at least 6 months to a year. So if you do cost per use, you would get more bang out of your buck. Sorry guys, I wanted to write how bad it was, or it did nothing for me, but that is just not the truth! I guess sometimes expensive things do work, but I can definitely tell you, that’s not the case all the time!

You can get May Lindstorm off Beautylish or direct from their site! Until next time Originals!

All my love,


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