Is It Worth It? First up, By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Face Powder

This is me at the beginning of the work week. All happy and smiling with good makeup. By the end of the week, well it’s a little more like this…

I need fast and quick makeup, especially for  Thursdays and Fridays, when all I want to do is stay in bed. Not only does my makeup have to be fast and quick, but it’s gotta stay put. With a 15 month old, my husband and I are always rushing. Does anyone else feel like that too? We rush to dinner, we rush to Target, etc. Its like Alli its 5:15 and you are meeting friends at 5:45. The restaurant is 20 minutes away, you literally have 10 minutes to pack the diaper bag and put on makeup.

No one else?! Ok maybe just me and my spaz self. Anyways in those 10 minutes I want to look good. Enter into my makeup game translucent face powder. Sometimes, I mean most of the time, I don’t wear foundation. But I always always have to wear concealer or I look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Powder is a two for one because it sets my concealer and will make my face a bit more matte, or less shiny.There are 100s of powders on the market, why in the world did I want to try a 60 dollar one from the luxury brand By Terry? I don’t know, I am pretty darn sure I lost my mind when I purchased this. It claimed it had hyaluronic acid in it. If you read my skincare post, y, you know how much I love this stuff. And I wanted to try a product by By Terry for awhile so I decided to give it a whirl.

By the way I bought it off which is an awesome way to try luxury beauty products. They do a 3 month payment plan for any purchase of 99 dollars or more. It is an option if you want to try a more expensive item. That is how I bought this expensive AF powder. So now my thoughts if it’s worth it?

Here is me before I apply the powder. Shiny T-Zone and all

Here is me right after another applying and feeling I need to blend more. But it definitely chilled the oil out on my nose and brightened my undereye area.

This was applied at around 7:15 AM, how did it make it by the end of the day teaching 17 5-6 year olds?Not too shabby. My cheeks are still matte, but that pesky nose oil is peaking through. Not as shiny as the morning though, and I did not blot at all for this pic.

Final thoughts, is this 60 dollar face powder worth it? The answer is a big no. Although it does the trick I have a 12 dollar dupe that does the job better. It from the brand RCMA and it’s there No Color Powder Powder. I can do a side by side to show that the 12 dollar Powder from RCMA, leaves me more matte and brightens up my I under eye area better and it’s 1/5 the price, literally. So save your coins girls. I don’t hate this, but I will not repurchase!

All my love,

Alli G

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One Response to Is It Worth It? First up, By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Face Powder

  1. Tressa Arbow says:

    This is exactly the type of post I need! It’s so easy to get seduced into buying expensive stuff with the desperate hope it will be worth it.

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