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Little Miss Muffet Sat on a Tuffet and Turned My Face into a Clown. How One Elf Cream Blush could go so very wrong!

Why the nursery rhyme nonsense Alli? Well what happened to my face after trying, the ELF HD Cream Blush, was such a nightmare, I decided to flip it and make it into a fairy tale. Like I ACTUALLY wanted my … Continue reading

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Summertime…In the Glowing Is Easy.

Hope you all enjoyed my Sublime reference. Nothing gets me in the mood for summer like Sublime/Bob Marley/311/Jimmy Cliff. Oh reggae, how I love thee! Also what gets me in the mood for summer is glowing skin! Let’s see if … Continue reading

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Everybody Everybody Get Your Glow On, Nars, Tarte, NYX and other glowy face products for summer!

Here I am, prepping for summer in my beloved Mumu from Mexico. I have on NYX Matte Bronzer, Tarte 24 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Strip in Beach as a highlight. Hey I gotta do … Continue reading

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