Everybody Everybody Get Your Glow On, Nars, Tarte, NYX and other glowy face products for summer!


Here I am, prepping for summer in my beloved Mumu from Mexico. I have on NYX Matte Bronzer, Tarte 24 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed, and Bobbi Brown Shimmer Strip in Beach as a highlight. Hey I gotta do something to not look like Casper the Friendly Ghost!

Hello Originals! Wow has it been a wild and crazy few weeks. I am back and feeling better. I was quite sick/overly stressed/tired for a few weeks there. Summer countdown is now 20 days away. What better way to try to get psyched for summer than getting my glow on!

Truth be told, I don’t tan with my very pale peach tinged skin, I always just burn. Therefore to prevent crazy sun damage, I have to fake a glow (it is a never a tan, just a glow, let’s get real here) as much as I can. Unless you tan well (no tanning is actually good for you FYI) I suggest you do the same. Bronzer now, costs way less than Botox and other cosmetic treatments will in the future for your wrinkles.

So here is Alli G, always looking out for her friends future piggy banks, as well as facial expressions. In celebration of this, today I am going to talk about the some bronzers/blush I have used to try to acheive that luminous glow. I have a variety of price range products in this review so without further a do,  let’s get it glowing in here!


First up is the NYC  Smoothing Skin Bronzer in the shade 720 or Sunny.

This stuff is SUPER polarized in the online beauty community. I will list all the pros/cons for products below

-It costs  from 1.99-3.99 at retailers depending on where you buy it! (Super cheap!)
-It is a true matte, you can contour the heck out of your face with it.
-Lightest of color bronzers so it works really well with fair to light skin peeps.

-Some say it looks orange/dirty on their face. Honestly I first bought this product in November/December when my face was a matte white. It was not orangey on my complexion than. Fast forward to now and it is showing up as orange on my face. I don’t know if it’s because my skin tone has changed some because of sun exposure , or if the product eventually oxidizes and becomes orange over time. I am going to buy a brand new one and update you all.
-The texture is not gritty, not hard to blend, but it is not necessarily soft either.


Must Have Verdict? Verdict is still out, but for such a good price, must as well experiment!


NYX Matte Bronzer in Light

-7.99 at Ulta.
-True matte, can contour you some cheekbones girlfriend!
-Way softer, more finely milled, than NYC
-Comes in 3 shades; light, medium and dark, so my darker complexion sisters (everyone else besides me essentially) can find a good shade.
-Cruelty Free.

-The light color runs extremely red/ruddy. Not too bad, but I have to blend for awhile, therefore it is just a weekend type of product for me.


Must Have Verdict?
-I say it’s a good buy, but not a MUST buy. If that statment is anyway helpful at all to you!


Clinque Color Pop Blush in Peach Pop

-The most amazingly textured blush I have ever felt on my face.
-Comes in 4 gorgeous universally flattering colors.
-Peach pop is the definition of an outstanding coral.
-color is soo blendable from sheer to a deep pretty cheek stain.
-staying power, this thing almost stains your face and lasts all day.
-Allergy/fragrance free.

-21 USD a pop.
-I only have 1 currently, but that won’t last much longer!



Me in florescent and natural light wearing Peach Pop from Clinque.

Must Have Verdict – Sorry to be so blunt, but yes! Go and get you some! Trust.


Nars Blush in Madly

-perfect shade for different purposes on different skintones. It is a true bronzer on me, on medium skintones it  would make a beautiful neutral/peachy blush, on deep skintones it could work as a glowy/golden higlighter.
-you don’t get softer or more finely milled powder blushes than Nars, period.
-staying power, at least 5 hours or more of wear time.
-as always with Nars products, no animal testing.

-26-27 USD per blush I think?
-shimmery, can’t contour with it.
-packing although sleek, always gets mad dirty.
-might make people with visible pores, more visible, but I have read so many positive reviews saying it doesn’t do this, but anything with shimmer might do this. Sorry to be confusing i just wanted to give you a disclaimer.

Must Have Verdict- if you are looking for that something extra for your glowy complexion than yes, but it is not the standard product to achieve this.


Tarte Amazonian Clay in Exposed

-perfect brown/pink neutral tone blush
-very soft and blendable
-will add warmth to ANY skintone.
-completely matte.
-long staying power, not 24 hours, but at least 9 for me.
-some natural ingredients, cruelty free.

-26 USD
-packging color is deceiving and makes color look unappealing.
-warmth is subtle, some may want more of a Wow! Factor with color payoff.


Must Have Verdict- Yes! Blush has become my absolute holy grail, wear every day type thing.


Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks in Beach

I am not going to list the pros and cons for this one, unfortunately it was a limited addition 2 years ago purchase. I do want you to marvel at how much prpduct is left after regular use for 2 years, I STILL have not hit pan. I am a big fan of Bobbi’s Shimmer Bricks while others are not.

They are insanely shimmery (but not glittery), yet on me they are the prettiest blush/highlight ever. They don’t emphasis pores, but I have heard a lot of people say the opposite. They are quite pricey as well, I would say over 40 USD. If you are curious go ahead and try them out at Nordstorm or other department stores.

Must Have Verdict – on the fence, so for most people I would say try before you buy!

Swatched Below are from top of the arm by hand to the bottom; NYC Sunny, NYX Matte Bronzer in Light, Nars in Madly, Tarte Exposed, Bobbi Brown Beach.


Hope this review helps Originals! Few more summer related posts are coming today and tomorrow! Stay tuned and Stay Original!

Much Love,

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One Response to Everybody Everybody Get Your Glow On, Nars, Tarte, NYX and other glowy face products for summer!

  1. Hannah says:

    I loveeee your work Alli!!!
    I’m a huge Nars fan- mainly for blushes and eyeshadows. The blushes are $30. They’re a bit expensive… But I have had some literally for years and have used them extremely often and they are still plentiful! They deliver such high pigment and quality that you don’t go through them fastly. It’ll take you a long time to work through them if you get one, even if you wear it every day. Over the last 6 years I’ve collected Nars eyeshadows and blushes. I actually have now angelika, luster, deep throat, orgasm, new order, albatross, and I just got 413 blinker in the mail last week. I like to layer two, like luster with deep throat and I’ll even throw on albatross as a highlight. Anyhow, if you enjoy makeup and find a color that really suits you, I say it’s a definite yes! Anyhow there’s my rambling about how I love Nars blushes :).

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