Summertime…In the Glowing Is Easy.


What I do for the sake of beauty is at times, questionable! Prime example right here!

Hope you all enjoyed my Sublime reference. Nothing gets me in the mood for summer like Sublime/Bob Marley/311/Jimmy Cliff. Oh reggae, how I love thee! Also what gets me in the mood for summer is glowing skin! Let’s see if the much hyped mask, Youthmud from GlamGlow can get me there.

Sorry for the many typos on my last post , I thought I edited and the changes were saved. I went back and I realized it was a grammaratical hot mess! Oh well, y’all know what I mean! Know what I mean?

So the deal with GlamGlow is that every YouTube beauty guru and blogger is obsessed with this mud. They have 3 different kinds of masks. The mask i tried was Youthmud and it claims to be an all natural mask made from volcanic clay that will make your face glow like a celebrity. Made in the U.S.A. it claims that it will clear out all the impurities from your pores, exfoliate and tingle your skin, and leave your face glowing.


This little bugger usually costs 65 USD and is sold at Sephora. Now you all know that this girl does not have 65 dollars to be spending on 1.7 OZ of a face mask! I got it at Costco (slowly becoming an obsession) for 34 USD. With it being more than 50 percent off I had to buy, and see if this product was all hype, or had some might.

Instructions were easy. Shmear this mud on your face, wait 10 minutes, wash off with warm water. Here is my skin before I applied the mask, during the mask, and after.



What I do for the sake of beauty is at times, questionable! Prime example right here!



Yes my skin is clearly brighter. I think the glow is really more from the combo of the mask and my moisturizer,  but the glow did last all night. My skin was brighter for a few days, but it’s losing the clarity on Day 3.

-takes only 10 minutes to set
-the tingle feeling on me was refreshing
-did work immediately after, results lasted a few days.
-although it has lot’s of fragrance in the ingredients, I don’t mind the smell.

you are literally putting mud, and what appears to be a twig like substance on your face.
-while it dries, it hurts like heck (I don’t have particularly sensitive skin either). Like if you smile with the mask it feels like you are cracking your face
-expensive as all get out!
-didn’t “clear out my pores” still had blackheads on my nose.

Must Have-Nope. Better off with a cheaper mask. It was alright, but who wants alright for 65 dollars!

Stay Tuned and Stay Original!

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