Is it Worth It? LipSense Lip Product

I have a highly requested review on the newest MLM to be making buzz, LipSense. Right off the bat I need to tell you that I am not selling LipSense. I am not a distributor, so you can trust this is a 100 percent honest review. This LipSense color, Roseberry, was sent to me by a high school friend that is a distributor. She sent me the product at a blogger discount in exchange for a completely honest review. Amberly is a straight up kind of gal. In fact, she told me for this review to be truthful “my feelings won’t be hurt, I don’t make it or anything.” Oh my kind of Original chick or what!

My friend Amberly’s info will be listed at the bottom of this review if  you want to try this product for yourself. Up above is a picture of me wearing LipSense on the way to a fancy wedding. My idea was to do check ins and show you how a product would hold up against eating, drinking, schmoozing. Well good plans go to waste sometimes and I forgot my camera at home for check ins. Instead the rest of the pictures and product were taken on a little day road trip instead.

Ok ok what is LipSense anyways? The best way I can describe it, is that is a lip paint that coats your lips with a lip pigment for several hours. I get 11-12 hours of wear with this product when I usually get 4 hours with a long wear lipstick. What can I say I eat lipstick I guess? It is not a lipstick, gloss, or even liquid lipstick. It truly is its own class of product. It is a two step system, you have to apply the color (in a sort of tricky way) and than a gloss top coat. The two steps make sure that the product stays on, and that your lips don’t turn into dried up raisins.

Spoiler alert, LipSense works guys. It really does stay put through eating and drinking. Continue to read through my pros and cons to see if it is a product that you would want to try. Below is info that Amberly sent to me to explain more about the product.


I like to get the bad news out of the way first.

  •  If you are not a fan of alcohol, do not try this product! This stuff definitely stings when you first put it on. The company’s info claims that the sting is normal and it’s the product exfoliating your lips. Yes it is exfoliating it with a ton of alcohol. In fact, alcohol is the first ingredient listed. So if your not into that, I would not try this product!
  • LipSense is also a two step system. You truly do need the gloss. The gloss thing is not a gimmick! I thought I don’t need the stinking gloss, but you do Originals, unfortunately, you do! Pro within this con, the gloss is awesome and I love it! I have tried it over bare lips and my favorite lip liner and it looked great. I just wish it was a one step and go kind of a thing, but it’s not.
  • Speaking of application, this product is tricky to apply. If you are a makeup novice, you will have to practice to get the hang of it. You have to apply 3 coats, wait for each coat to dry. You also have to swipe the product in one direction on the lips. Please comment below if you want me to do a video on how to apply this product!

Pictures above are after each layer. The last pic is me with all the layers applied, including the glossy topcoat.

Now onto rainbows and sunshine! 


  • This stuff worked for me! It stayed on (as long as I applied the gloss, maybe 3 times over 12 hours)
  • It fades gracefully, chunks of products don’t come flying off, trust and believe this happened to me plenty of times with other lip products.
  • The color selection is awesome. Roseberry is what I picked, but there is truly a color for everyone.
  • Once again, with usage of the gloss, my lips were not dry. I didn’t feel like I needed to apply lip balm like a maniac the next day, unlike other long lasting products I have tried.Me after applying this product at 6:30 in the morning until 2:00 PM that same day.Me at 5:30 PM the same day that I applied it at 6:30 AM. It is starting to fade significantly on me at this point.

So there you have it. Here is a price graphic that Amberly sent to me 

Final thoughts? This product works, and I really liked it. I enjoyed it enough that I am buying another color. It may not be the best thing since sliced bread for everyone, especially with the high concentration of alcohol. I don’t  really care that much about the alcohol, but I know it might be a deal breaker for some of you. Could I get this product off easily at the end of the day? Yep, just with some Micellar Water, I don’t think you need to buy the Oops Remover. My suggestion, get the gloss and a color you like!

Huge huge thank you to

Amberly Marston, FB group Little Box of Lipsticks

Until next time Originals!

Love Always,

Alli G

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One Response to Is it Worth It? LipSense Lip Product

  1. Morgan says:

    I bought LipSense from a friend who raved about it and is a distributor. If you have dry lips, this is NOT the product for you. My lips looked horrible. The color was flaky and weird on me. It stayed all day, but it stayed as a flaky mess all day. It did not look right. Then when I exfoliated my lips so I could wear it the next time, it left a ring around my bottom lip.

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