How to Cover “Tired From Life” Dark Under Eye Circles

I know,  I know you are sick and tired of me complaining I am tired. But that is my new way of life, and that is most of my friend’s way of life, being constantly exhausted. I have always had dark undereye circles, I believe some of it is genetic. Other factors are allergies, lack of sleep, having a baby…etc etc.

This is my undereye circles completely uncovered, in all their blue and purple glory. My undereyes are one of the few things I am completely and utterly self conscience about.

Here is another shot, just to make you feel better about your dark circles!

Although I am a beauty blogger, I too don’t know everything about makeup. I was made to believe by my research that since I have pale skin, I need to cover my dark undereyes with a pink corrector.  Correctors  have really hit the market in a big way of late. They are different colored concealers that address different skin issues. Pink is supposed to counteract the blue on fair skin. I have always felt that this technique really didn’t work for me, putting a pink corrector under a traditional concealer.
I based my lack of coverage on lack of skill, until I spoke with an amazing makeup artist at my local Sephora, that very politely told me that my undereyes were too damn dark to be covered by pink corrector!  I needed some more heavy duty stuff, orange corrector. Think about it, orange is the exact opposite of blue on the color wheel, meaning orange or salmon color correctors will cancel out blue almost entirely.

Here comes Sephora Bright Future Color Corrector in Melon to save the day.

After you apply the corrector, you apply just a little bit lighter than your skin tone concealer to brighten things up. My new current concealer favorite is the NARS Soft Matte Concealer in Vanilla. It’s a new type of concealer from NARS and I AM OBSESSED with the formula, color, everything. It also does a good job covering up the hormonal chin pimple as well, but that’s for a different post.


Ok here is what I do to make this whole operation get rid of dark circles go really quickly. First I apply the corrector in 4-5 strips  right under my eye. I leave room between the strips. You will see why in a minute.

Than I put strips of my NARS concealer in between the strips of corrector like this.

So you have both corrector and concealer under your eye. And than you pat and than press both products with your ring finger into your skin. So I didn’t have my makeup perfectly blended for all the pictures…sorry! Did the pictures at like 6:30 AM.

Two shots of one eye (the left eye) being covered, the other day eye (the right eye) is makeup free. You can really see the coverage! 
Final shot of both eyes being covered with this technique! Pretty awesome right? So what are the takeaways
1). If you have severe blue/purple undereyes situation use an orange corrector! No matter you skin color. The Sephora one is a fantastic formula at only 14 bucks!
2). I have tried this technique in several different methods, trust me when I say the best way is to apply both products  at the same time and pat with your finger. Layering the products doesn’t work, and my Beautyblender sponge, buffed away some of the coverage, so your finger is the best method for application.

3). You are not alone in hating your undereyes! I salute all your working moms, stay at home moms, business boss chicks, teachers, dog lovers, basically anyone who is adulting currently. We are all tired as hell, we don’t have to look it!

Thanks for everything! All my ❤️ 

Alli G

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