The Wish List # 1. When Your Budget and Eye are in Completely Different Places

Le sigh…

Although I believe that I have become a more careful consumer, I am human, I still like new and shiny things! There are so many things that I want to add to my collection of makeup/clothing/accessories, but don’t see myself adding right now. Mainly for budget reasons, but still these are on my wish list.

Shoutout to Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog that definitely inspired this post. She is hands down my favorite beauty blogger of all time. Period. Check her out at

Item # 1 Viseart Theory Palette in MinxI have heard these are the best eye shadows on the market. Not just from one person, but from almost every beauty guru out there. Their larger palettes are 80 dollars, 80 dollars! I don’t know if these are just hyped up or actually the best formula. This smaller palette for 45 dollars, appeals to me because it would let me try the brands matte and satin finishes. The more expensive palettes are usually all matte or satin. And these colors seem both pretty and practical. Number 1 on my wish list.

Item # 2 Oribe Body Cream

I own the hair texturizer and LOVE it. It does wonders for my fine wavy hair, and the scent, my goodness I love it more than most perfumes. I heard this lotion is uber luxurious, and the scent is incredible. Can I pay 65 dollars for it? Nope!

Item # 3 Crown Vintage Sarah Gladiator Sandal

Realistically this might become on my “have” list. I bought this same shoe in black and have loved them so much I want another color. These shoes rock, they are super comfortable, go with everything, and perfect for summer. Highly recommend!

Item # 4 Charolette Tilbury Lip Cheat In Pillow TalkThis is another makeup item that everyone swears by. It’s supposed to be the perfect nude/pink/mauve that actually makes people’s lips look bigger. It is 22 dollars and I might just have to break down and finally get it. One of the things I always want is a fuller pout!

Item # 5 Pink Classic Vans, or any Pink Tennis Shoe for that matter

How cute? How many things would these go with? They appear to be the perfect casual, running around shoe to me. I want them! Maybe when the weather cools down!

Item # 6 Adornia  Necklace in Woke

This blog is not the place for politics, but I do appreciate this new line of necklaces sold at Nordstrom that have different powerful sayings on them. This last year or so, I have definitely become “woke”, but more so for the hard realities of life. I love this, but it is 95 dollars, probably will be on the my wish list for awhile!

What are you wanting? What things are on your wish list?

Love always,

Alli G

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