Anti-Haul #1 What I Am Not Going to Buy (And Stuff You Shouldn’t Buy Either)

First and foremost, thanks to everyone for supporting the Original Alli G! It has been so fun to get my creative juices flowing again, and writing about stuff I love best, beauty! If you keep reading, I will keep writing, no matter how freaking tired I will be.Cue to a pic of this weekend when poor baby was cutting molars AND battling an ear infection. Momma did not sleep until Tuesday night. It was rough, hence why my hair is a bit bed heady in this pic. But at least my makeup is on point! Speaking of things keeping you on point there are so many horrible products out there that do not keep you on point. I am writing this post as a PSA, to help you be a better more informed consumer.

Since having baby boy I discovered a sort of revolutionary makeup YouTuber named Kimberly Clark. Kimberly is an incredibly smart, articulate, hilarious beauty guru that so happens to perform in drag. She knows her stuff not only about makeup, but about consumerism as well. How we live in a buy, buy, buy NOW culture and the beauty industry is like the worst about this. But if you make informed decisions, and start shopping smarter than you won’t get sucked into this buy everything vortex. Kimberly is a voice of reason, and I am tonight, will try to be a voice of reason. Link to Kimberly’s channel is right here, please please watch her Anti-Hauls! She started this idea of “What I am not going to buy!”
First up is this expensive AF foundation from skincare line La Mer

You don’t need this. I don’t care if this stuff does the rest of your makeup for you (it doesn’t) you don’t need to pay 110 for natural coverage looking foundation. I don’t care how many celebrities are using this, you are not as rich as them. Even if you are rich, you wouldn’t be so casual throwing away more than 100 dollars on foundation. Buy yourself awesome skincare instead, use any cheap foundation you want afterwards because your skin will be on point from your new skincare. The end.

Next up is an almost 40 dollar lip balm from Tom Ford

I don’t care how freaking good Amy Adams makeup was in Nocturnal Animals, Tom Ford, I am not paying this for a lip balm! What is wrong with this picture? Yes Tom Ford packaging is the best on the market. Hello people he was/is one of the best designers in the WORLD. He can design some sleek stuff. Doesn’t mean all the products in this packaging are good. That is not the case with these, I heard this is a pretty good lip balm. It is also the size of what a fairy would use. I have seen swatches online, they are pigmented, so are Burts Bees Colored Lip Balm. Save your money, buy yourself two weeks of lattes from the ‘Buck instead. Bye Tom Ford.

Next up are two products that are downright gimmicky. Well at least one is a straight up As Seen on TV product (but it’s not!)  The other is one I am not convinced to try. I present to you this lip product from Benefit.

This is called I think the Big Sexy Lip Kit. This lip product is supposed to save you time! Do two steps in one! It is a lipstick that has a darker lipcolor bordering it. The idea is that it is your lip liner and lipstick are one step/swipe. I have heard HORRIBLE things about this product. It is essentially a mediocre lipstick and the lipstick colors in this kit aren’t cute. I am not a fan of too heavy lip liner anyways. Not good at all… Example A 

Don’t need it, don’t want it all, come on Benefit do better!

Next is this gold oil thing everyone is writing about from Sephora.

Does gold make your skin better? I have done research that shows it could be harmful. Don’t trust everything you read, it could not be an accurate study, etc.  Just Google gold as a skincare ingredient and see what comes up. Make your own decisions! For me,  Gold jewelry and gold eyeshadow is enough. At 54 dollars, I rather get a very luxurious mani/pedi. Bye Farsali oil.
Finally I refuse to get this 

Everyone is palette crazy these days. Calm down with the eyeshadow palettes. Chances are you are not a makeup artist, you don’t need 40 shades of brown unless you need them for different skinetones. I promise it won’t be worth the investment. At 60 dollars, you can get a massage, a pair of shoes, good piece of costume jewelry, whatever the hell you want, just not 40 shades of mediocre quality brown eye shadows. I am also over Too Faced In general. As a brand they are starting to  care way more about packaging and weird smelling makeup than actual good makeup. I am 100 percent not getting this! Stop it Too Faced.

Ok y’all, that is my first anti-haul!🎉🎉🎉 I hope I talked one or two you into thinking more reasonably about over priced/over hyped crap. Please keep reading me and check out Kimberly! You will thank me!

Love always, Alli G

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One Response to Anti-Haul #1 What I Am Not Going to Buy (And Stuff You Shouldn’t Buy Either)

  1. Tressa Arbow says:

    Love this post! Thanks for the advice!

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