I am a Pre-School Teacher and I have a Baby. Here are Drugstore Products that Make me feel like a Million Bucks

Hello Originals,

Due to the overwhelming positive response I will be posting my two part skincare series this weekend. As mentioned previously it will contain a boatload of product suggestions, tips, and be separated into an AM and PM routine. I will be working on it a bit every day for your reading pleasure. Until than I thought to myself what are makeup products that I have loved recently?

What are things that have made me show off  my skin after all the hard work I have been putting into my routine? I put together five products that I HAVE BEEN obsessed over and will be great for the upcoming hot months. I live in Texas we don’t really have much of a spring, for us it’s Summer is Coming (not Winter for all my GOT fans!) 

This picture was taken Friday night before my microwave exploded. Yeah my microwave went and burned a hole in itself. How freaking crazy is that? At least the products I like are all 15 dollars or less, gotta save up to buy a new microwave now since mine spontaneously combusted. I’m wearing all 5 products mentioned in this post.

Oh yeah that red mark on my forehead IS NOT a zit for all you police type people. My dog or son scratched me, I can’t remember who!Products from left to right; Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light Bronzer, L’Oréal Pro-Glow Foundation in 201 Classic Ivory, NYX Control Freak Eyebrow Gel, Wet N Wild Megaglow Contour Palette in Carmel Toffee

First product which is my favorite and weirdly the cheapest is the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter. Essence is a very cheap brand sold at Ulta. I recommend this for everyone! It is $4.45, and seriously comparable to my $45 Hourglass Ambient Powder. It is a very subtle buildable highlight. If you don’t want to walk around looking like a disco ball or unicorn, get you this product. Put it on top of your blush, cheekbones. You will look glowing within.

Next is the most expensive product but good God Physicians Formula is always on sale. Do not buy unless you get some sort of discount. It is the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer sold between $14-15 bucks. This bronzer is amazing and smells like the best smelling sort of sun tan lotion. Once again it is subtle and buildable. You can pile it on and just look tan, not like Jersey Shore gone bad. I got it in the Light Bronze shade. If you are paler than me, or one shade darker get this color. Everyone else go with just the Bronzed shade.

Third is L’Oréal Pro-Glow. I love this stuff! It looks like I have nothing on, but my skin is perfect. It is super long wearing. If you are like me, normal to dry skin you don’t need a primer. If you are combo/oily to slightly oily I think you can get away with it with a primer. Super oily skin girls I suggest you mix with another foundation, the same foundation almost by L’Oréal, it’s just called the Pro Matte and it’s made for oiler skin types. If you are like Alli I am not a psycho makeup addict like you and I don’t mix foundations, just get the Pro-Matte. Drawbacks; das expensive for drugstore foundation $11-14 dollars depending on the store. I am also wearing the lightest shade in the range, and hi! I am not the palest white girl in the rainbow. It also pulls pink on my so I warm it up with bronzer/blush.

I am seriously obsessed with glowing… I guess because I can’t ever tan, I try to glow!
Next up is boring but useful brow gel from NYX. It’s called Control Freak, and although that name describes the exact opposite of my personality, I can’t help but love this $6 dollar tube of magic. It is hairspray for my brows, they stay in place without feeling too crunchy, and I didn’t spend 20 bucks on the Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel. Win win!

Finally last product is a decisive product for me, but I’m putting it in anyways, it’s the Wet N Wild Megaglo Contour Palette. I have mine in the lighter shade, Carmel Toffee. Since Le Baby Boy came into the world I have the worst undereye circles. I am talking BAD. I spend half my makeup routine covering them up, not even joking. To help set my concealer I put the yellow powder on top of my concealer. It sets my concealer, and helps brighten that area. I don’t really get along with the bronzer part. It’s sort of powdery and not quite right for me. But with it costing $4.99, I don’t really care that I just use the yellow side.

Swatches L to R; the Wet N Wild Contour duo, first yellow side than bronzer, than the PF Butter Bronzer, finally the Essence highlight.
Consistency of the L’Oréal foundation, that one dot will cover half my face. I do use 2 and half dots to cover everything.
Ok! Top drugstore products I can’t live without done. Next stop is more skincare! Till next time loves!

Sincerely, with all my love, Alli G

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So I Turned 30 and Became Obsessed with Skincare

Only makeup is a swipe of the Milk makeup eyeshadow

I turned 30 about 3 weeks ago and I have to say it was wonderful. Every Birthday or even just regular day that you you wake up and are healthy means it’s a good day. After I had Little Man, I stopped wearing so much makeup. Shocker I know! Instead of focusing so much on makeup this new mommy became obsessed with skincare.

In my makeup obsessed mind, I thought that since I didn’t have as much time for makeup, good skin could make me still look banging. I am happy to report I was right! My skin has been in the best condition it has ever been. I can do a separate post for my current AM and PM skincare routine, just like this page or comment! These will be lengthy and detailed posts so I don’t want to get into it, unless people are curious!

Enough chat, I am writing this post because I did a birthday haul at Sephora to treat myself, but it ended up being a skincarepoloza. Disclaimer, now when I say I did a haul, I mean I spent literally 50 dollars. Little man has made the cash flow not so flowing these days. Anyways, these are things I have been wanting to try.

First things up were freebies. I have been saving my Sephora points for over two years and spent 500 points on this free set from First Aid Beauty. It includes a face wash that I love, a moisturizer, serum, and a primer. Super excited about this set.

Next up was another free set that Sephora offered for their rewards members birthdays. This was free! It’s from a French skincare line, Caudalie, and I have used and loved the serum in the set. The moisturizer smells nice and is pink. I am not sold on wine, or reiservateol, or whatever it’s called, making your skin young, but we shall see.

Now onto the crap I actually bought…

This is the most boring but necessary thing ever…face sunscreen. I heard awesome things about this one from Clinique, but man it’s tiny. It says it’s one oz (standard beauty product size) but dang it’s like pint sized. Will tell you how I feel soon.

Finally some freaking makeup Alli! Anyways this is the Eye Pigment from the quasi hipster makeup brand Milk. It is basically a cream eyeshadow that is supposed to last all day. The color I got is my go to for a one eyeshadow eye look, rose gold. In the swatch picture, the left swatch is when I rubbed vigorously(why I don’t know!), and the swatch on the right is a light tapping. This stuff dries quick, and to remove I had to use an oil based cleanser. I am liking it for the hour I have been wearing it so far. The shadow’s name is After Party.

To make my order 50 bucks to get free shipping, I popped these two overnight masks in my cart. They are supposed to be brightening, anti-aging, blah blah. I am more excited for the fact that I just put them on and go to sleep with them on. Exhausted mommy hack!
These are free samples I got More skincare…geez what am I doing?! I heard good things about both these moisturizers and I…I mean my husband… I mean I…wants me to stop stealing his Cerave moisturizer everyday. And for kicks and giggles I put this Replica Beach Walk fragrance because I heard it’s bomb, and it is. Great another pricey fragrance for me to want. Can’t I just like Bath and Bodyworks body spray and give the pricey stuff the boot. No no I can’t. Well Originals I am out. Fingers crossed I can post at least twice monthly (or weekly?!) 

Love always, Alli G.

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Remember That Time I Kept Buying/Wearing Almost The Same Color Lipstick?

Hello Originals,


Lipsticks in this post from L to R: ELF Matte Lip Crayon in Praline, Maybelline The Loaded Bolds in Gone Greige, Colorpop Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa, Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk, NARS Audacious Lipstick in Apoline


So it pains me to say but my makeup days of taking 30 or 45 minutes to put a full face of makeup on are looong gone. Well at least for now, you know the whole taking care of a nine month old thing, plus being a teacher, puts a damper in my extravagant eye makeup routine. In fact I have gotten pretty darn good at applying my makeup in 15 minutes or less. I focus on skin, brows, and a no fuss lip.

I know, I know its fall! I am supposed to be attached to Pumpkin Spice Lattes and vampy dark lipstick. I am about to drop a bombshell on you all, I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and applying dark vampy lipstick takes longer than my 15 minutes or less time frame allows. I have bought pretty awesome wear anytime, anywhere, lipsticks lately and I noticed a trend with them. They are all almost the same color…whoops! This is pretty common with beauty junkies, but I guess I am in denial about it. That is why I am swatching them all for you. Not only to help you find a no mess, no fuss lipstick at any price point, but also for you to tell me I am not crazy and they are in fact very different lipsticks (no they aren’t…but I have to at least try!!)

I am going in order from cheapest to most expensive. I mean they go from 3-32 dollars, I did a good job in running the price range gament on this one.

Lipstick # 1, Elf Matte Lip Crayon in Praline $3 USD


This matte lip crayon in 3 bucks! Yep, 3 dollars, less than a Pumpkin Spice Latte. It is the most brownie nude of the bunch and works well as a lip liner as well. Drawback sort of drying, expected for a matte lip, but not too bad. Great corner lipstick for an ombre lip as well.

Lipstick # 2, ColorPop Ultra Satin Lip in Alyssa $6 USD


This lipstick/liquid lipstick hybrid is from the online cult favorite makeup brand ColorPop. If you don’t own anything ColorPop, go get you some ColorPop. Everything is 12 dollars or less and it is the best quality stuff. This pinky neutral is from their amazing Ultra Satin Lip range. Long wearing but comfortable these lip products are truly unique. Alyssa is a wear everywhere type of color. Bonus, it is a collaboration with ColorPop and the badass YouTuber KathleenLights . That girl knows great lip products.

Lipstick # 3, Maybelline The Loaded Bolds in Gone Greige $6.99-7.49 USD


So I have some mixed feelings about this color. It is probably the most trendy, the most fall shade of the bunch, but I think it looks odd on me. I think it will look great on everyone else, that is why I have included it, but it doesn’t look great over my natural lip color.Anyways, it is a brown/grey neutral that is unique, but not too odd to wear everyday. I also think this is the most difficult to apply out of the bunch. It does not go on evenly in one swipe, it is patchy in one swipe. But two swipes and than you are good.

Lipstick # 4, Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk $17 USD


I am going ahead and saying it, this is maybe my favorite lipstick ever, well definitely in the top 5. I have had it since July and I have completely ruined the bullet, it gets more and more nubby by the day. Its the most cool toned of all the ones in this post, a true mauve pink. Its in Urban Decay’s newly relaunched Vice range, which is code for a butt load of Urban Decay lipsticks. I am talking over 100 new lipsticks, in 5 finishes. It may as well be a new language there are so many options. I will simplify for you, get the Comfort Matte finish. That is exactly what this formula is, a comfortable long lasting matte. If you cant chose a color, get Backtalk YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Lipstick # 5 NARS Audacious Lipstick in Apoline $32 USD



This lipstick is the warmest of the bunch. It is a very warm pink, almost a summer color, but a little deeper and richer for a summer only color.Whatever it is perfect except for the price. We all know how I feel about NARS Audacious lipsticks and how they are the best ever. If you are going to spend 32 dollars, it most certainly is acceptable if its something you can wear everyday, and I think you can wear Apoline every day

Ok originals, those are my must haves for fall! Which one is your favorite on me? Stay tuned and stay original!

Love Always,

Alli G

Makeup in this post:

  • Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
  • Wet’N Wild Contour/Highlight Palette in Dulce de Leche
  • Benefit Gimme Brow in Shade 1 Light
  • Milani Clear Brow Gel
  • New Covergirl Mascara I am testing
  • Lorac Romance Palette from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale on my cheeks, and my inner corner eye highlight




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Mommy Hack # 1, An Awesome Sephora Deal To Try To Tame My Hair

Hello Originals!,

So my hair since I have been pregnant and given birth has gone cray cray. I have always had a lot of fine hair. The follicles are fine, but I have a lot of actual hair. Well when I was pregnant I did not lose any hair In fact my hair just kept growing and growing. Even post-partum I did not lose a lot of hair (has to do with the hormones, some people lose a lot of hair after they give birth.)

Most people would be ecstatic about this, and in some ways I am. My problem is not the amount of hair, but my hair texture which has very much changed because of my pregnancy. I was pretty lucky my whol e life up to this point, not a frizzy hair in sight. That is no longer the case, and my hair is frizz city. All of my old hair products don’t help, IN FACT they made my naturally wavy hair look like a frizz ball mess. I tried a lot of drugstore products, trying to save money, but none actually helped. Than I saw this set at Sephora;


It is an awesome Sephora Favorites Set. If you don’t know what Sephora Favorite Sets are, they are like the most bang for your buck awesome beauty deals. They are sets made up of different brands, and you get deluxe to full size products. They have makeup sets, skincare sets, fragrance, and finally hair care. This haircare set let you CHOOSE 5 deluxe size samples of very expensive hair care products. These samples have at least 1 oz or more of product, which I find to last a good long while. On their own they can cost 9 dollars or more. This particular set cost 25 dollars, and came with a pretty rose gold case to house the products. Here are the products I choose up close;


These two products are in  Aerosole spray form so I grouped them together. One is the cult favorite Klorane Dry Shampoo. I am going to test this against the Living Proof Dry Shampoo I just bought and will tell you which one I like more. Than I got a finishing spray, its like a texturizing, volumizing product that you put on your hair after your done styling. Its called Triple Sec and its from DryBar’s brand of salon products.



These products are in a liquid spray form. They are a style primer spray for curly haired gals from Bumble and Bumble. The second product is from the brand Ouai (pronounced W-A-Y I think) and its a salt wave spray. I am pretty sure Ouai is from Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist, so its blowing up at Sephora. I can tell you I used both these products to style my hair on Friday night for a wedding and loved both of them. They gave my hair volume, and a nice wave without feeling like gross middle school scrunchy mousse, you know what I am talking about it!


Final hair care product is a Surf Foam mousse spray from Bumble and Bumble. It’s supposed to help get you beachy waves without the scrunch feeling. Haven’t tried this one yet, but I can’t wait! I have heard good things. All in all this set is an awesome deal, here is the link to it from Sephora’s website (not sponosored I wish!)


In case you didn’t realize a theme, and why this is a mommy hair hack, is because I only picked products that you spray in your hair and go. Haha, hopefully as low effort as you get! Happy Hair Day Originals!



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My Obsession With Sea Otters Has Even Taken Over My Beauty Life

Ok, I know it’s been a long time since my last post. Forgive me Originals, to summarize, I got married!, I had a baby boy!, and I got tired! My beauty needs have changed, but my love of makeup has never died. What is another love of mine that will never die? Sea otters, that’s right, those sea mammals that have their baby on their stomach.

There is my son, with his baby, an otter we got him in Monterey, CA.

Before our trip I found this crazy Otter Mask at Ulta. All I saw was Otter, and I immediately bought it. I am also obsessed with sheet masks. They are a newish beauty trend, I enjoy them because they are a quick, cheap, little luxury. After baby goes to bed I pop one on. If they actually do good stuff for my skin than bonus.

I thought I would give it a go…I think the brand is SNP? They had a bunch of different animal masks, with each mask having a different benefit.

My skin before…AHH scary no concealer! But it’s pretty normal except for the omnipresent hormonal chin pimple. This mask claimed it would bring back moisture to my skin and balance it. Here were the directions and ingredients.

Some pretty good ingredients, including coconut water, different extracts, etc. Whoops I just noticed it says don’t put on wounds, and I burned my forehead pretty bad with a curling iron, and THAN put this on top of the burn. Oh well, I think it actually helped heal it.Process is easy, just put on mask for 10-20 minutes and than take off.

I swear to GOD I am trying to smile as big as I can in this picture, and I still look like a scary killer. No otter do I see! Do you see one? Liars…

Even when the mask is off it does not look like the mask on the product. They suckered me in with the Otter aspect, and it doesn’t even look like an Otter! I am hurt! J/k not suprised, but what did it do for my skin?

I think it definitely brightened me up. It also left my skin feeling incredibly soft. See I am glowing down below.

What do I do with the excess product that are always in sheet masks? I take it and rub it on my hands, neck, and chest area. That way you get the most bang for your buck. Just a little tip for those that want to experiment with one. And here is my skin this morning, less glowy, but still pretty dang radiant.

AHH still need concealer! Stay tuned and stay original!

Original Alli G Rating

Skin Benefit; B+

Turning me into an Otter; F

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Working on my fitness, skin maintenance and more with less than 3 months until my wedding! Skincare focused March 2015 Favorites

Hello everyone!


So I am not even going to lie, March has been one heck of a crazy month with little time to post. Two bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, concerts, a trip to California, a wedding shower, and a full time day job. Slide in my new workout routine (not by choice, I HAVE TO GET MY BUTT in gear, wedding is less than 3 months away Originals!), I have barely thought about makeup.

Yes this makeup obsessed hoarder and junkie has NOT HAD time to think about makeup. That’s right, look out your window right now, a pig is flying.

But since I have been using my Classpass, if you don’t know what that is, go get yourself one now, thank me later! I have been sweating like a crazy person. My skin has been playing suprisingly nice with that whole arrangement using these few things;

1). Sephora Triple Cleansing Water


So we apparently are the only country on Earth that has not gone crazy over this micellaire water stuff, which is just wrong. I didn’t know what it was for the longest time, so I will try to explain.

In this magical body are tiny bubbles, water, and soapy things that get rid of all makeup. You just put a little on a cotton pad and wipe away all traces of makeup. I am talking every last bit. And you don’t even have to even rinse! There are more brands like Simple and Garnier coming out with their version, but I have heard Sephora’s is on par with the cult classic Bioderma. Just get yourself some! I promise you will love it.

2). Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil


Yes I know it’s expensive. Yes I know there are plenty of drugstore ones, and I have tried them all. I have also tried all the mid price ones like Clinque,Boscia, etc. Nothing has normalized my combo skin like this…it has been a miracle. It’s not bad that it is made with all natural ingredients either. It also takes off most makeup. It is so easy to use! Two pumps in your palm, warm it up, spread all over face, and finally mix with some warm water to emulsify and boom you have got a great oil cleanser. I highly recommend!

3). Urban Nighter Stay All Day Spray


Hairspray for your face. If you want your makeup to last this will do it (I have been testing extensively this month!)

4). ELF Pointed Foundation Brush.


Love, love this drugstore miracle. It will set undereye concealer and powder like nothing else. It is so soft! One of the best quality ELF brushes I have used.

5). Anastasia Contour Kit



Swatches of all the highlighters/contour bronzers

Ok, I did think about 1 makeup item this month. The omnipresent CONTOUR KITS…they are everywhere y’all. Which one was I going to pick? Of course I had to buy the OG, Anastasia Contour Kit. It is pretty much the bomb. All the powders help one to contour and highlight using super silky soft powder. Of course, my pale butt needs the Light/Medium varation, but they now have a Dark/Deep variation! Yeah! Get this one, or the Kat Von D one (so I have been told)

If you have no idea what the heck I’m talking about, I will do a whole post on this contouring subject next. Until next time Originals!

Oh I almost forgot!, I am going to try some Rodan + Fields skincare products soon (sweating, prepping for the wedding is my life right now) and report back to you.

One of my best friends, Clea Mattingly, and my cousin Leah Kay are consultants. Clea is in the Dallas area, Leah is in the Houston area. If you are interested in trying their stuff (I love their microdermbrasion scrub) their websites are listed down below!



Love Always,
Alli G

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What do sunsets, eyebrow gel, and horny goat weed have in common? They are all included in sub-par drugstore products from L’Oréal, ELF, and Physician’s Formula

I love drugstore products. Albeit this post and the last post may make you think otherwise…I do truly love drugstore makeup. Well, I love drugstore makeup that is affordable and works just as good, if not better than their department store counterparts. That being said, I don’t like just OK drugstore makeup.

I feel that instead of buying a bunch of just OK drugstore makeup, anyone can save their money towards one amazing department store purchase. I don’t like that sometimes a lot of drugstore makeup companies put in a lot of money in packaging and advertising, but skimp on the actual product inside. That is my cosmetic industry rant of the day! Sorry…I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

These three drugstore products are just OK. Do you need them in your life? Absolutely 100 percent not! Can you save money by not buying all 3 and purchase one mid end product that will blow your mind…yes yes you can.

The 3 offenders here are


ELF Prism Eyeshadow Palette in Sunset


L’Oréal Brow Plumper in Transparent


Physician’s Formula Sexy Booster VA VA Voom  Volume Mascara

First up the Sunset Palette from ELF. I thought this was going to be great! Great reviews! Great YouTube tutorials! Beautiful warm color selection, including an outstanding looking
purple. It was also only 6 USD at my local Target. Well I have three words; glitter, patchy, and powdery.

Look at the swatches (no primer)


They have all right pigmentation. They have all right texture, not satiny or smooth at all. Just sort of powdery with glitter. The colors sort of swatch the same tone of color, and on the eye they didn’t perform much better.


They all muddle together, just different shades of orange. This palette is also desperately needing a matte to balance it out. I had to really work with these shadows; primer, different brushes, and also MAC Fix Plus. It is just too much dang work for not that much payoff. Also, if it’s this glittery and creasy on my line free eyelids…how is anyone over age 30 going to use this? I just think save your money, or buy a Wet n’ Wild eight pan eyeshadow palette.

Now for the eyebrow gel from L’Oréal. Just no, it did absolutely nothing for me. It didn’t hold my grandpa curly eyebrows in place, it didn’t “plump” anything, the only thing it did was comb my brow hairs. Which I can do with a .30 cent spooly. The brush design is cool, I like the length of the wand itself.


I don’t care that I didn’t get a “tinted” color one. Why make a transparent gel than, if it can’t do the simple job of holding anything in place? Exactly…just stick with my girl Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eyebrow gel, it almost costs the same as the L’Oréal version anyways.

Finally the VA VA Voom Volume Mascara from Physician’s Formula. I.E. the horny goat weed mascara, nope this isn’t a typo, but an actual claim of the mascara
Continue reading

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Drugstore Madness 2015! When You Talk All Day Long You Need A Lipstick To Stay! Rimmel Provocalips Longwearing Lipcolor Review

Hello Originals!

My oh my has it been awhile! So much going on in 2015 already. I am sure you all feel the same. So, I have been non stop buying stuff at the drugstore to test it all for you. What?, oh thanks Alli for only thinking of your Originals, nevermind, my uhh, umm, makeup addiction…but that is besides the point! I bought these 3 little pretties at CVS not too long ago during a Buy One Get One Half Off Sale type thing.


Sorry they are not in a perfect row for all my OCD friends out there!

I tried to get 3 different colors for you all and low and behold one of them sucks and has like no color at all. It looks like it’s going to be “nude” from the tube, but too bad it came out as sheer glitter. That is the light pink one in the middle, Pucker Up. I wouldn’t mind glitter so much if it wasn’t on a long wearing lip stain!

And that is exactly what these are, a very long wearing lipstain,  that literally lasts 12 hours, no lie There are two sides/steps within this product. One side with the stain, the other with a gloss balm so your lips don’t end up a cracked mess. You apply the 1st step, let it set for one minute, and than apply the gloss balm on top.

When all is said and done these colors are food proof, liquid proof, and transfer proof. If you have insanely dry lips beware! You will need to exfoilate before and after wear. Also I don’t really feel the colors match what is outside the tubes, hence why Pucker Up is going back to CVS. OK enough chit chat here are the swatches on my NC 15 skin. My clear favorite is the red, Play with Fire. The rosey  mauve, I’ll Call You is not too shabby either.


I don't know why the camera is picking up Pucker Up, better than real life, but it doesn't look that good in person, promise!

All in all, these do what they say they will do, I am going to definitely use them when I need them, and at under 8 bucks a stick they are a good deal. I just wish I had gotten a better color, and I also wish they were a touch less drying and easier to remove (you are going to need an oil base makeup remover and scrub, scrub, scrub!)


Pucker Up


I'll Call You

I give these guys a 3.5/4.0 out of 5. Cool product, may enjoy when my lips aren’t so wintery.


Play With Fire, so fun!

Stay tuned and stay original!

All My Love,
Alli G

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Look of the Day Using My New Glasses! Daytime Look.

Well I finally did it! After years of living life blissfully with no bad vision in sight, reading in the dark, staring at electronics too long, and all my other bad eye habits caught up with me. My genetic predisposition for vision loss (literally every single blood relative I have, has had glasses for awhile) intertwined with intentional eye strain, and I had to get glasses. I don’t need them for everything, just reading and writing and also driving.

Props to my friends and family that have worn these things for awhile, they are taking some getting used too. Inspired by my newest accessory, I decided to do one day look and than one night makeup look emphasizing my eyes behind these cateyes. Behold the day time look.


Pretty simple and natural. Just really organized my brows with my tinted brow gel. I made sure the ends were really dark and then lightened up towards the front areas. I also used my beautiful Laura Mercier Amethyst Caviar Stick. It is the perfect natural color that would emphasize any eyecolor, especially in glasses.


Than I blended a light brown color in my crease, just to keep a more sculpted eyeshape. Curled my eyelashes, slapped on some mascara, and a cool toned pink blush, and poof! I was done! Easy peasy!


Let’s hope at the very least I look like I’m old enough to be teaching finally! Night time look is being cooked up right now. Heavy eyeliner and a red lip? Check and check!

Products used;
-Sonia Kashuk Concealer Palette in Light
-Benefit Gimme Brow Gel in Light
-Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Amethyst
-Light Brown from the Lorac Pro 2 Palette
-Mally Volumizing Mascara in Black
-NARS Blush in Desire
-MAC Lipglass in Peachstock  (Limited Edition…sorry!)

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love Always,
Alli G

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Beauty Resolution 2015, Stop being Lazy and get into an actual Skincare Routine!

Hello Originals!

If your resolution for 2015 was to get into a solid and healthy skin care routine then you are not alone! That was my resolution as well and I am going to show you some products that I have used thus far that have helped me in this 1st month of 2015. Than there are two extreme products that I want to write about, because they are well funny and extreme.

I actually made the executive decision to write about one of the extreme products first, because well its awesome.The 1st product is Pig Nose Clear Black-Head 3-Step Kit and I am using it currently on my face right now. Mr. Soon to be Doctor Man brought it to me tonight as a suprise and we will review this bad bad boy in real time…here we go!



Yep directions are in Korean. Might have been handy to read the readily available English directions online before I ripped open the 1st section and stuck it on my face…just maybe.

I have black heads. Yes I do, all up on my nose and the sides of nose. I hate these things, I want them gone. I have tried other nose strips in the past, but “allegedly” they can’t hold a candle to what this Korean skin care product can produce. It’s like a super 3 nose strip in one pack. Here is my nose before any of the strips.



This is me with the 1st Strip on.


Yes I know it was supposed to be pushed down more, I did after this picture was taken. So, the first strip smelled like oranges and seemed to have been soaked in some goo. It did sting after about 10 minutes, but I forged ahead to the recommended 15 minutes from the directions. I didn’t wet this one, just literally put in my face


I don’t know if it did much of anything. Nose looks a bit less shiny and maybe more puffed up? Maybe my nose is more ready to get gross blackheads pushed out of my pores, we shall see Originals, we shall see.

2nd Strip


Alas why the product is called Pig
Nose, it is pink and you put it on your nose. You do have to pat this one down with water like the traditional nose strip.


Making my best pig face...haha!

It is taking forever to dry…might have put too much water on it and screwed it up. Wouldn’t be the 1st time I have done such a thing. Mr. Doctor Man put on the fan “to try to speed up the drying process.”

Going nuts waiting for this to dry so I will go ahead on an aside and tell you the new process I have been using to clean my face on heavy makeup days. Yep its is another beauty secret from Korea. It is the idea of dual washing.

Dual washing is when you wash your face two different times with two different products. The first wash will fully get rid of makeup, while the second wash, with a gentle face soap, will wipe your face clean. Apparently most face washes are so gentle now, they can’t fully get rid of all makeup, dirt and oil. That is why for the 1st step, many people are taking a face oil, balm, or cold cream like Ponds Cold Cream and completely washing your face in that mess first. I decided to be like grandma and use my Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser for my 1st step in the dual wash process.


I have to say it is pretty darn effective at getting most of, if not all my makeup off. I would not use if you have extremely oily acne prone skin. I would look into an actual oil wash. For the second step I just use my handy and trusted Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser. It carefully rinses the Ponds off and finishes cleansing my skin. I do have to say I have seen results with using two cleansers and I highly recommend this to someone trying to find a new and effective skin routine! Two thumbs up.

I have also been using this bomb moisturizer, Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Emulsion.


It gently softens my skin and has faded away some of my horomonal acne scars. It is easy to use because of the pump. I have used it every morning and have honestly seen improvement since January 1st. It is just a little pricey, but if you want to get rid of the appearance of some acne scars, I highly recommend this moisturizer.

Back to Pig Nose the flipping thing finally dried. I peeled that baby off and look what I found.


Yes Pig Nose to not deliver to my expectantions, what a bummer

Squint real close to the top right or bottom left . You might, with some practice, see 4 tiny little blackheads. Darnit! Here are the after 1st strip and than after the 2nd strip pics.



My squinting, trying to see a difference...haha!

I think that area by the side of the nose looks a smidgen better. A little more clear looking.

Strip 3



Nose still looks as shiny as before...

This was the weirdest to put on. Completely covered in some goo that smells like hand sanitzer. And there is two layers of the stip? I honestly look like Ms. Piggy after a nose job. Let’s see if this shiz does anything.


OK it did look semi better when all said and done. My nose, albeit shiny, looks pretty poreless. I also most likely screwed up the 2nd strip. Take a look at another person’s strip who probably didnt screw up the 2nd one.


All the rough patches, tiny spikes on top are gunk that got out of the pores. All and all this was an interesting product to try to incorporate into my skin routine. I think we would have seen even better results with someone who has worst blackheads/pore issues. Anyone want to volunteer to be my guinea pig? Next extreme treatment is the Babyfoot  Knockoff I got at Ulta. I.e. a two week long foot peel. See how it went! Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G

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