Mommy Hack # 1, An Awesome Sephora Deal To Try To Tame My Hair

Hello Originals!,

So my hair since I have been pregnant and given birth has gone cray cray. I have always had a lot of fine hair. The follicles are fine, but I have a lot of actual hair. Well when I was pregnant I did not lose any hair In fact my hair just kept growing and growing. Even post-partum I did not lose a lot of hair (has to do with the hormones, some people lose a lot of hair after they give birth.)

Most people would be ecstatic about this, and in some ways I am. My problem is not the amount of hair, but my hair texture which has very much changed because of my pregnancy. I was pretty lucky my whol e life up to this point, not a frizzy hair in sight. That is no longer the case, and my hair is frizz city. All of my old hair products don’t help, IN FACT they made my naturally wavy hair look like a frizz ball mess. I tried a lot of drugstore products, trying to save money, but none actually helped. Than I saw this set at Sephora;


It is an awesome Sephora Favorites Set. If you don’t know what Sephora Favorite Sets are, they are like the most bang for your buck awesome beauty deals. They are sets made up of different brands, and you get deluxe to full size products. They have makeup sets, skincare sets, fragrance, and finally hair care. This haircare set let you CHOOSE 5 deluxe size samples of very expensive hair care products. These samples have at least 1 oz or more of product, which I find to last a good long while. On their own they can cost 9 dollars or more. This particular set cost 25 dollars, and came with a pretty rose gold case to house the products. Here are the products I choose up close;


These two products are in  Aerosole spray form so I grouped them together. One is the cult favorite Klorane Dry Shampoo. I am going to test this against the Living Proof Dry Shampoo I just bought and will tell you which one I like more. Than I got a finishing spray, its like a texturizing, volumizing product that you put on your hair after your done styling. Its called Triple Sec and its from DryBar’s brand of salon products.



These products are in a liquid spray form. They are a style primer spray for curly haired gals from Bumble and Bumble. The second product is from the brand Ouai (pronounced W-A-Y I think) and its a salt wave spray. I am pretty sure Ouai is from Kim Kardashian’s hair stylist, so its blowing up at Sephora. I can tell you I used both these products to style my hair on Friday night for a wedding and loved both of them. They gave my hair volume, and a nice wave without feeling like gross middle school scrunchy mousse, you know what I am talking about it!


Final hair care product is a Surf Foam mousse spray from Bumble and Bumble. It’s supposed to help get you beachy waves without the scrunch feeling. Haven’t tried this one yet, but I can’t wait! I have heard good things. All in all this set is an awesome deal, here is the link to it from Sephora’s website (not sponosored I wish!)

In case you didn’t realize a theme, and why this is a mommy hair hack, is because I only picked products that you spray in your hair and go. Haha, hopefully as low effort as you get! Happy Hair Day Originals!



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