So I Turned 30 and Became Obsessed with Skincare

Only makeup is a swipe of the Milk makeup eyeshadow

I turned 30 about 3 weeks ago and I have to say it was wonderful. Every Birthday or even just regular day that you you wake up and are healthy means it’s a good day. After I had Little Man, I stopped wearing so much makeup. Shocker I know! Instead of focusing so much on makeup this new mommy became obsessed with skincare.

In my makeup obsessed mind, I thought that since I didn’t have as much time for makeup, good skin could make me still look banging. I am happy to report I was right! My skin has been in the best condition it has ever been. I can do a separate post for my current AM and PM skincare routine, just like this page or comment! These will be lengthy and detailed posts so I don’t want to get into it, unless people are curious!

Enough chat, I am writing this post because I did a birthday haul at Sephora to treat myself, but it ended up being a skincarepoloza. Disclaimer, now when I say I did a haul, I mean I spent literally 50 dollars. Little man has made the cash flow not so flowing these days. Anyways, these are things I have been wanting to try.

First things up were freebies. I have been saving my Sephora points for over two years and spent 500 points on this free set from First Aid Beauty. It includes a face wash that I love, a moisturizer, serum, and a primer. Super excited about this set.

Next up was another free set that Sephora offered for their rewards members birthdays. This was free! It’s from a French skincare line, Caudalie, and I have used and loved the serum in the set. The moisturizer smells nice and is pink. I am not sold on wine, or reiservateol, or whatever it’s called, making your skin young, but we shall see.

Now onto the crap I actually bought…

This is the most boring but necessary thing ever…face sunscreen. I heard awesome things about this one from Clinique, but man it’s tiny. It says it’s one oz (standard beauty product size) but dang it’s like pint sized. Will tell you how I feel soon.

Finally some freaking makeup Alli! Anyways this is the Eye Pigment from the quasi hipster makeup brand Milk. It is basically a cream eyeshadow that is supposed to last all day. The color I got is my go to for a one eyeshadow eye look, rose gold. In the swatch picture, the left swatch is when I rubbed vigorously(why I don’t know!), and the swatch on the right is a light tapping. This stuff dries quick, and to remove I had to use an oil based cleanser. I am liking it for the hour I have been wearing it so far. The shadow’s name is After Party.

To make my order 50 bucks to get free shipping, I popped these two overnight masks in my cart. They are supposed to be brightening, anti-aging, blah blah. I am more excited for the fact that I just put them on and go to sleep with them on. Exhausted mommy hack!
These are free samples I got More skincare…geez what am I doing?! I heard good things about both these moisturizers and I…I mean my husband… I mean I…wants me to stop stealing his Cerave moisturizer everyday. And for kicks and giggles I put this Replica Beach Walk fragrance because I heard it’s bomb, and it is. Great another pricey fragrance for me to want. Can’t I just like Bath and Bodyworks body spray and give the pricey stuff the boot. No no I can’t. Well Originals I am out. Fingers crossed I can post at least twice monthly (or weekly?!) 

Love always, Alli G.

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2 Responses to So I Turned 30 and Became Obsessed with Skincare

  1. Jan says:

    I would like to know your am and pm routines!

  2. Tressa Arbow says:

    Love it! And so funny, skin care has become my “thing” about turning 30, too! I would love to know about your routines and what you recommend!

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