My Obsession With Sea Otters Has Even Taken Over My Beauty Life

Ok, I know it’s been a long time since my last post. Forgive me Originals, to summarize, I got married!, I had a baby boy!, and I got tired! My beauty needs have changed, but my love of makeup has never died. What is another love of mine that will never die? Sea otters, that’s right, those sea mammals that have their baby on their stomach.

There is my son, with his baby, an otter we got him in Monterey, CA.

Before our trip I found this crazy Otter Mask at Ulta. All I saw was Otter, and I immediately bought it. I am also obsessed with sheet masks. They are a newish beauty trend, I enjoy them because they are a quick, cheap, little luxury. After baby goes to bed I pop one on. If they actually do good stuff for my skin than bonus.

I thought I would give it a go…I think the brand is SNP? They had a bunch of different animal masks, with each mask having a different benefit.

My skin before…AHH scary no concealer! But it’s pretty normal except for the omnipresent hormonal chin pimple. This mask claimed it would bring back moisture to my skin and balance it. Here were the directions and ingredients.

Some pretty good ingredients, including coconut water, different extracts, etc. Whoops I just noticed it says don’t put on wounds, and I burned my forehead pretty bad with a curling iron, and THAN put this on top of the burn. Oh well, I think it actually helped heal it.Process is easy, just put on mask for 10-20 minutes and than take off.

I swear to GOD I am trying to smile as big as I can in this picture, and I still look like a scary killer. No otter do I see! Do you see one? Liars…

Even when the mask is off it does not look like the mask on the product. They suckered me in with the Otter aspect, and it doesn’t even look like an Otter! I am hurt! J/k not suprised, but what did it do for my skin?

I think it definitely brightened me up. It also left my skin feeling incredibly soft. See I am glowing down below.

What do I do with the excess product that are always in sheet masks? I take it and rub it on my hands, neck, and chest area. That way you get the most bang for your buck. Just a little tip for those that want to experiment with one. And here is my skin this morning, less glowy, but still pretty dang radiant.

AHH still need concealer! Stay tuned and stay original!

Original Alli G Rating

Skin Benefit; B+

Turning me into an Otter; F

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