Drugstore Madness 2015! When You Talk All Day Long You Need A Lipstick To Stay! Rimmel Provocalips Longwearing Lipcolor Review

Hello Originals!

My oh my has it been awhile! So much going on in 2015 already. I am sure you all feel the same. So, I have been non stop buying stuff at the drugstore to test it all for you. What?, oh thanks Alli for only thinking of your Originals, nevermind, my uhh, umm, makeup addiction…but that is besides the point! I bought these 3 little pretties at CVS not too long ago during a Buy One Get One Half Off Sale type thing.


Sorry they are not in a perfect row for all my OCD friends out there!

I tried to get 3 different colors for you all and low and behold one of them sucks and has like no color at all. It looks like it’s going to be “nude” from the tube, but too bad it came out as sheer glitter. That is the light pink one in the middle, Pucker Up. I wouldn’t mind glitter so much if it wasn’t on a long wearing lip stain!

And that is exactly what these are, a very long wearing lipstain,  that literally lasts 12 hours, no lie There are two sides/steps within this product. One side with the stain, the other with a gloss balm so your lips don’t end up a cracked mess. You apply the 1st step, let it set for one minute, and than apply the gloss balm on top.

When all is said and done these colors are food proof, liquid proof, and transfer proof. If you have insanely dry lips beware! You will need to exfoilate before and after wear. Also I don’t really feel the colors match what is outside the tubes, hence why Pucker Up is going back to CVS. OK enough chit chat here are the swatches on my NC 15 skin. My clear favorite is the red, Play with Fire. The rosey  mauve, I’ll Call You is not too shabby either.


I don't know why the camera is picking up Pucker Up, better than real life, but it doesn't look that good in person, promise!

All in all, these do what they say they will do, I am going to definitely use them when I need them, and at under 8 bucks a stick they are a good deal. I just wish I had gotten a better color, and I also wish they were a touch less drying and easier to remove (you are going to need an oil base makeup remover and scrub, scrub, scrub!)


Pucker Up


I'll Call You

I give these guys a 3.5/4.0 out of 5. Cool product, may enjoy when my lips aren’t so wintery.


Play With Fire, so fun!

Stay tuned and stay original!

All My Love,
Alli G

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