Beauty Resolution 2015, Stop being Lazy and get into an actual Skincare Routine!

Hello Originals!

If your resolution for 2015 was to get into a solid and healthy skin care routine then you are not alone! That was my resolution as well and I am going to show you some products that I have used thus far that have helped me in this 1st month of 2015. Than there are two extreme products that I want to write about, because they are well funny and extreme.

I actually made the executive decision to write about one of the extreme products first, because well its awesome.The 1st product is Pig Nose Clear Black-Head 3-Step Kit and I am using it currently on my face right now. Mr. Soon to be Doctor Man brought it to me tonight as a suprise and we will review this bad bad boy in real time…here we go!



Yep directions are in Korean. Might have been handy to read the readily available English directions online before I ripped open the 1st section and stuck it on my face…just maybe.

I have black heads. Yes I do, all up on my nose and the sides of nose. I hate these things, I want them gone. I have tried other nose strips in the past, but “allegedly” they can’t hold a candle to what this Korean skin care product can produce. It’s like a super 3 nose strip in one pack. Here is my nose before any of the strips.



This is me with the 1st Strip on.


Yes I know it was supposed to be pushed down more, I did after this picture was taken. So, the first strip smelled like oranges and seemed to have been soaked in some goo. It did sting after about 10 minutes, but I forged ahead to the recommended 15 minutes from the directions. I didn’t wet this one, just literally put in my face


I don’t know if it did much of anything. Nose looks a bit less shiny and maybe more puffed up? Maybe my nose is more ready to get gross blackheads pushed out of my pores, we shall see Originals, we shall see.

2nd Strip


Alas why the product is called Pig
Nose, it is pink and you put it on your nose. You do have to pat this one down with water like the traditional nose strip.


Making my best pig face...haha!

It is taking forever to dry…might have put too much water on it and screwed it up. Wouldn’t be the 1st time I have done such a thing. Mr. Doctor Man put on the fan “to try to speed up the drying process.”

Going nuts waiting for this to dry so I will go ahead on an aside and tell you the new process I have been using to clean my face on heavy makeup days. Yep its is another beauty secret from Korea. It is the idea of dual washing.

Dual washing is when you wash your face two different times with two different products. The first wash will fully get rid of makeup, while the second wash, with a gentle face soap, will wipe your face clean. Apparently most face washes are so gentle now, they can’t fully get rid of all makeup, dirt and oil. That is why for the 1st step, many people are taking a face oil, balm, or cold cream like Ponds Cold Cream and completely washing your face in that mess first. I decided to be like grandma and use my Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser for my 1st step in the dual wash process.


I have to say it is pretty darn effective at getting most of, if not all my makeup off. I would not use if you have extremely oily acne prone skin. I would look into an actual oil wash. For the second step I just use my handy and trusted Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser. It carefully rinses the Ponds off and finishes cleansing my skin. I do have to say I have seen results with using two cleansers and I highly recommend this to someone trying to find a new and effective skin routine! Two thumbs up.

I have also been using this bomb moisturizer, Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Emulsion.


It gently softens my skin and has faded away some of my horomonal acne scars. It is easy to use because of the pump. I have used it every morning and have honestly seen improvement since January 1st. It is just a little pricey, but if you want to get rid of the appearance of some acne scars, I highly recommend this moisturizer.

Back to Pig Nose the flipping thing finally dried. I peeled that baby off and look what I found.


Yes Pig Nose to not deliver to my expectantions, what a bummer

Squint real close to the top right or bottom left . You might, with some practice, see 4 tiny little blackheads. Darnit! Here are the after 1st strip and than after the 2nd strip pics.



My squinting, trying to see a difference...haha!

I think that area by the side of the nose looks a smidgen better. A little more clear looking.

Strip 3



Nose still looks as shiny as before...

This was the weirdest to put on. Completely covered in some goo that smells like hand sanitzer. And there is two layers of the stip? I honestly look like Ms. Piggy after a nose job. Let’s see if this shiz does anything.


OK it did look semi better when all said and done. My nose, albeit shiny, looks pretty poreless. I also most likely screwed up the 2nd strip. Take a look at another person’s strip who probably didnt screw up the 2nd one.


All the rough patches, tiny spikes on top are gunk that got out of the pores. All and all this was an interesting product to try to incorporate into my skin routine. I think we would have seen even better results with someone who has worst blackheads/pore issues. Anyone want to volunteer to be my guinea pig? Next extreme treatment is the Babyfoot  Knockoff I got at Ulta. I.e. a two week long foot peel. See how it went! Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G

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One Response to Beauty Resolution 2015, Stop being Lazy and get into an actual Skincare Routine!

  1. Tressa says:

    I will! I have huge pores with blackheads AND I have a ball nose so the strips never go onto my nose correctly.

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