My Biggest Makeup Mishaps of 2014…I Fixed Some, the Others were Unrepairable!

So one of the things that I get told over and over is that women don’t “know how to do makeup.” They want to look a certain way, but they don’t know how to use makeup to get them to that look. Originals, I am by no means perfect. I mess up my makeup, or wear a product the wrong way all the time. You just have to wipe off your face and try again! I know, easier said than done. For example let’s take this blush…


Well Alli it’s your own fault that blush be cray. Look at it!! It’s a bright,matte, baked, pinkish red. Why were you even messing with clown blush? I don’t know, because all the crazy blogging beauty type people were obsessed. And if you do it right, it does look like my natural flush perfectly.


Yep, as you can imagine this blush took some getting used too. It was the flipping goldilocks of blushes. The brush I used couldn’t be too big, or too small. I could only use a smidgen of product, and I still had to blow excess away. And then the timing of this thing! It leaves a literally stain on the cheeks, so you got to work fast to blend, blend, blend. Otherwise you have a mark of bright red cheekstain, where you dotted the product on (guilty), look like an overzealous 80s video vixen (guilty), or have literal apples on the “apples” of your cheeks (extremely guilty).

After several trial and error; I finally got it to work in my favor! For those that are interested in the most natural flush ever (even if you got to work at it), it’s Milani  Baked Blush in Bella Rosa.


Than there is this thing. It was the bane of my face makeup existence for most of 2014.


This is another darling of the beauty online community. Everyone loves this product for concealing under eye bags and highlighting the face. You just have to buy the right one. Easier said than done (millions of variations!)…here is a list of the ones you shouldn’t buy, because I mistakenly bought them and they suck.

1). The one in the opaque white tube. It’s more of a “treatment with gogi berries,” whatever it doesn’t conceal squat.
2) The correcting one in yellow. I don’t know what I was thinking, yellow doesn’t counteract BLUE/PURPLE undereyes, salmon (pinky tones) do.
3). They have a pink tone correcting, one but trust me and only put that one under your eyes. Don’t highlight with that thing, it gets weird.
4. By the right shade! I use fair, and it still looks too light sometimes. Whoops…

Hopefully that buying guide will help you when purchasing the Instant Age Rewind Concealer from Maybelline. Once you find the right one, it’s awesome. Yes, all the other ones I returned to CVS. You can do that people! It’s America! Return things that don’t work!


Oh Mally Volumizing Mascara. Here is my disclaimer. It is one of the wettest, goopiest formulas, in the history of mascara history. It’s messy and you can clearly see it gets everywhere (no matter how many times I clean that tube!)

At first it did pretty much almost nothing for me. I had heard the urban makeup tale that this mascara is legit, you just have to wait a few weeks for it to dry out. Well, while waiting for it to “dry out” this thing got on my eyelids, eyebrows, every where on my face. It was like I was a two year old that didn’t know how to apply mascara. The results were just so-so on my lashes as well. Finally one day I opened the tube and put it on my eyelashes…and magic happened. The formula dried out where it wasn’t getting flung all over my face. It also was coating every lash, beautifully and perfectly. Huh…a true makeup urban legend!

Finally the squid ink eye incident. Brought to you by this seemingly innocent, not nefarious eyeliner by Lorac.



I still like the product. I have a newer tube, and it’s pigmented and stays put after I put it on. BUT BEWARE don’t use old ones I guess. I was putting it on like usual the other day and the brush tip applicator somehow malfuntioned. At first it was a drop of black eyeliner in my eye. It somehow, in a millisecond, increased tenfold and black eyeliner ink was just pouring into my eye. I could of course not take a picture like that. I almost was going to call poison control because my eye looked like a poisonous deep sea octopus had just squirted it’s killer ink into my eye!

I washed it out with warm water. Then took my gentlest eye makeup remover and rubbed it everywhere with a soft tissue. I than rinsed out my eye a double and third time. I finally sat the rest of the night with a hot towel compress on my eye, because ever so often I blinked and black eyeliner came out. WORST MAKEUP DISASTER of the year. Originals it happens to all of us I swear.

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G.

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