The One Beauty Product You Should Spend Money On This Year (or return another item for this one after Christmas!)

NARS. The beauty brand made famous by good quality makeup products mixed with saucy names such as Orgasm Blush, NC-17 Eyeshadow Duo, and Siberia Foundation Color (we get it, it’s the palest shade!) Bitter, not bitter, #palegirlproblems!

I have to say that NARS rocked the makeup world this year. Between their Radiant Creamy Concealer, Dual Intensity Eyeshadows , and now this…the Audacious Lipsticks.

The Audacious Lipsticks are my favorite beauty product of the year. I am late to the bandwagon but I don’t care. If you are going to save money for something this year (beautywise), or you want to get a gift for someone (anyone that wears lipstick) it is the new Audacious Line. Yes these guys are ridiculously expensive, 32 USD, is not chump change by any standard. But this product is worth every penny.



Why Alli Why?!? Well, first there is the packaging. But Alli you don’t give a you know what about packaging ever! Yes you are correct originals, but this lipstick has a magnetic closure. Ever not close a lipstick correctly in your purse, and than poof there goes the contents of your purse and the lipstick? Yep, me too, but with this packaging it is impossible. I have purposely tried to close the wrong way,and the magnent swoops back to correct form. What?! Insane!


Than there is the actual product itself which is nothing short of amazing. It is truly a formula that is long-wearing, fully pigmented in 1-2 strokes, and feels comfortable on the lips. And the usual NARS clever saucy names? They have been replaced by beautiful women names. The two lipsticks I have are called Anna and Annabella. Really a coincidence I swear.


Anna on the left, Annabella on the right.

I own two completely different colors. Anna is a wear every day pop of color being it’s a lilac dusty rose. It is so unique and beautiful, I can’t stop wearing it. On me Anna lasts 5 hour which is a miracle itself because usually I eat even long-wearing lipsticks quickly. It is a smudge drying, but I will take it because the lipstick lasts so much longer.


Annabella is a beautiful poppy red. I haven’t tested it full on yet because I am going to wear it to Christmas and New Years Eve functions. Here is quick look with Annabella, that I was going to post the other day, but it went south quickly. Will explain in the next blogpost. (Never have liquid eyeliner explode in your eye, not fun in the least)


Annabella is a stunning color as well. I know these are an investment, but these are hands down my favorite beauty product of 2014. They are simply the best lipsticks I have tried. They come in a boatload of colors from neutral to bright to dark. I am no joke, going to wear one during my wedding. For me to even write that down shows you how great these things are. I only want to buy more of these and less of other products.

I dont think it is a coincidence that Tom Ford is launching its Lips and Boys collection with boy names priced the same as Audacious lipsticks. Tom Ford and other high end lipstick brands are scared. They should be, NARS has upped the lipstick game. Lucky for the beauty junkie!

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love Always,

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