Getting Ready For A Holiday Party

Hello Originals! I have a quick look of the day using cool toned makeup ready for a holiday party. All you have to do to look ready for the holidays is add a little more glitz than usual. Here I used white pearly shadows from my Naked Basics Palette and a Wet n’Wild Blues Palette. I also did some pretty serious black eyeliner and mascara.

Then I used full coverage foundation and my favorite baby pink blush from MAC called Just A Wisp. It acts as both a highlighter and blush.


The real star of the holiday show is my new Revlon Ultra HD Lip Laquer in 545 Carnelian. This stuff is no joke. It starts off as an oxblood  liquid lipstick and fades to a deep raspberry gloss/stain. It is beautiful. I love the feel of the products on my lips as well. This particular color is an A+, but I hear quality depends on color in this range, so I suggest you look up reviews on Temptalia  or Makeup Alley before you buy a particular color.



Swatches pretty similar to how it is on the lips, bold color, soft feel!

To finalize the look I curled my hair and threw it up in a half pony. Instant holiday= sparkly hoop earrings. Ready for the night!


Stay tuned and stay original everyone!

Love always,
Alli G

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