First of Holiday Palette Series, Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Holiday Blush Kit


On my cheeks is Hoola Bronzer, Coralista Blush, and Sugarbomb Blush, all from this palette

Hello Originals,

Sorry long time no blog. You know the whole day job thing in mid October gets a little stressful and crazy. I also was insanely sick for about 3 weeks there. How do I not have an immune system of gold at this point? I have no clue! Anyways enough random babble, let’s get to the makeup goods!

I have bought and tested 3 limited edition holiday kits for you all. This is the first post of 3 in this holiday series. I don’t know about everyone else, but holiday limited edition kits are very overwhelming for me! It seems like every single beauty brand comes out with a ton of new products, and I never know if they are worth investigating or not. I can tell you all, that the 3 I have gotten are amazing, and I can see myself using all 3 products all year round! I am not reviewing any eyeshadow palettes because quite frankly I need another eye shadow palette like I need another graduate school loan.


I got this kit at Ulta, but I have seen it sold at Sephora and Macys as well.

This is the Cheeky Sweet Spot kit from Benefit. It contains 5 of Benefit’s famed Box-O-Blushes,  Hoola Bronzer, and a mini Watts Up Cream Highlighter. I wanted this set from the get go because I have always wanted to try Coralista Blush and Hoola. The blushes usually cost 28 a pop, but this kit was insanely discounted at 38 dollars, that is only 10 dollars more for so much more stuff!


From L to R, Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Hoola, Coralista, Rockateaur Blushes

I can tell you the quality on these, except for Hoola, are like one mini step down from their full sized, full priced, counterparts. I am not saying they are bad, because they aren’t at all!, but they are just a smidgen less pigmented. They are all still very soft, very easy to blend, very natural on my skintone.

Hoola is the same quality as its full sized counterpart,  which is incredible! Hoola is one great bronzer, and it makes me wonder why I waited this long to try it!


Swatches from bottom to top Dandelion, Bella Bamba, Sugarbomb, Hoola, Coralista, Rocketauer

I love all the colors except for Dandelion. To me, it doesn’t do much for my skin tone,  and I am almost as pale as it gets. It just makes me wonder what skin tone it is used to enhance?

The rest of the colors are great! Especially Bella Bamba and Coralista. Bella Bamba is a Nars Orgasm dupe for sure. It’s a shame that Benefit is discontinuing it out of its range because it is truly a lovely shade.

One more thing that is a bit strange, but not a deal breaker for me. The Rocketauer Blush is a slightly different color than the full sized version that I own.


On the left is the blush from the palette, on the right is the full sized version.

The original is a true rose gold glow where the palette version is slightly darker, more brownish than pure rose gold. Still the same vibe, just something to note.

All in all I give this palette an A-, truly an outstanding value and holiday find. There are just a few final thoughts on who this would be a good gift for.

1). Someone that doesn’t already have all of these blushes in their collection.
2). A gal that likes more natural finish of blushes, there is not a daring or bold color in this box.
3). Also great for the more warm/neutral toned ladies. Not many cool toned options, except Dandelion.

Hope this helps! Stay tuned and Stay original!

Love always,
Alli G

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