Go Get Now, Maybelline Matte Lipsticks

I try not to buy into “hype” but these amazing lipsticks are worth it. Yes they are matte, but there is not a dry or chapped lip in sight. These go on like a  smooth gloss, but they are beautifully pigmented matte lips! Perfect for a 90s throwback look or all fall/winter related events. I bought 3, but lost one somewhere during my friends birthday. I liked the color so much that I just might go back and buy another.


I don’t say this too much, but go buy now, if you can find them that is…


This one, Touch of Spice was sold out almost everywhere I checked.


That’s because it is the perfect fall spice/rose/warm nude.


Daringly Nude on the left, Touch of Spice on the right

The other one swatched is Daringly Nude, I wouldn’t call it daring, but rather a pretty no-brainer nude for anyone to put on.

I heard these sell anywhere from 5.99-8.99 depending where you buy them. Target sells them the cheapest, while CVS is the pricest. Oh the lost lipstick? The prettiest magenta ever! Lost either at the hands of a Serrano Margarita or a overstuffed purse,  probably the latter.

Stay tuned and stay original, September favorites are up next…

Love always,
Alli G

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