The Time I Went Hog Wild In a Five and Below Store.

So, in my amazing SUPER LONG teacher “summer” where all my non-teacher friends fantasize that I pretty much go to summer camp, I actually had a month long training. A VERY HORRIBLE month long training where I was tempted to stab myself in the foot to get out of it…but than I was actually stabbed in the foot. No joke! Oh Alli G karma is a you know what! Ok, Alli what in the heck does this have to do with makeup? What about the 5 and Below Store? Well DURING this horrible month long training was the 1st time someone told me about this amazing mecca of goodies known as the 5 and Below Store. Where anything and everything from yoga pants to fake indoor sand are sold at 5 dollars and less.

I finally straggled over there yesterday because my wallet is hurting from a Napa Vacation and behold my makeup goodies…


The Profusion "Sweet Tooth" Eyeshadow Palette in Natural $3 USD


LA Girl Lipglazes in Pin-Up, Bombshell, and Babydoll $3 USD each

So I went nutty. Bought tons of stuff, including a nine pan eyeshadow palette and 3 liquid lipsticks. My thoughts and first impressions on this 5 dollars and under makeup;


Final Look using the eyeshadow palette and the Bombshell lipglaze

LA Girl Lipglazes- these are actually current cult beauty darlings right now and I’m a little late to the game. They are supposedly “dupes” for the Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, but I have to say the similarities end at their packging and the fact they are both highly pigmented. These beauties are a  thinner consistency than their Too Faced counterparts. They last a good long while and are neither drying or hydrating on my sensitive lips. The color in the tube doesn’t 100 percent match the color in the package so beware. Also, they taste and smell very pepperminty so if thats not your thing than avoid these. But the pigment people, the pigment is literally bananas.


Profusion Eyeshadow Palette-Another supposed “dupe” for a Too Faced product, this time the famous “Chocolate Bar Palette” this was a complete chance buy. Was it going to be terrible? Was it going to be halfway decent, or was I going to become a dollar, excuse me 5 dollar store hero. Well friends this falls in the halfway decent category. The shadows are soft like butter, and I would say six colors are fairly pigmented and blend well. The matte brown is a total miss. They are all just so dang powdery. Powder picks up and flies everywhere when you tap your brush into the colors. Also, I wore these with a primer and they just were not that long lasting. I say good effort,  but doesn’t compare to the Chocolate Bar Palette. To be fair, is it pretty decent for a 3 DOLLAR 9 PAN eyeshadow palette? Heck yes!



So - so pigmentation when swatched as shown by this photo.

Overall Review

LA Girl Lipglaze- A++
Profusion Eyeshadows-C+

Stay tuned and Stay Original Everyone!
Lots of planned posts this week!

Love Always,
Alli G

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