The Makeup Impaired Proof Bronzed Eye featuring the Anastasia Amezy Palette

So you would think that I would come up with a nicer title than that…but no sorry! On the day that my beloved Joan Rivers died I am going to be as snarky as can be. Also in the vain of Joan Rivers, I will be kind and give all my Originals a helpful tutorial. Any guy or gal of every race, ethnicity, age, eye color, or overall badassness can rock a bronzed smokey eye. Here we go…

Step 1
Prime them eyeballs, I mean eyelids! You don’t want the bronze eyeshadow to fall and make you look worse by giving you racoon eyes right? Right me neither!


Genie in a Bottle Baby...dear god this UD primer is old, oh well!

Step 2
Get your essentials. I am using the new Anastasia Amrezy Eyeshadow palette I highly recommend this guy. If you don’t have such a thing, get yourself a taupey/bronze shimmery eyeshadow, a matte light brown color, an eyeshadow shade the same as your skin color and a highlighter shadow. Bonus! If you are pale like me the skin color shade and highlighter shade are the same color!


This palette contains a bunch of shimmer, and 4 matte shades. It is the da


Did I mention it comes with metallic leopard print packging? Yezy to Amrezy!

Step 3

Take a flat eyeshadow brush. I use the $1 ELF, one and take the taupe shimmery color and PAT it on your eyelid below your crease. Don’t swipe, but pat.



I think I'm showing you the ELF brush in this pic...


Pat it on!


Just a few more steps to go...j/k lots more steps!

Step 4

Take a crease brush and NOW SWIPE a matte color in your crease. If you don’t know where your crease is at…feel for the top of your eyeball. It’s that area right there. You can either swipe like a windshield wiper motion, back and forth. OR you can do circular swipey motions. Whatever works best for you. Oh yeah, my crease brush is Sonia Kashuk at Target.


I got fancy and decided to put TWO MATTE brown shades from the palette, you don't have to use 2, just 1 will do!


Step 5
The previous step makes your eyes look a bit messy, this is the step that you may not be doing and it will be a gamechanger. Only use one side of the brush while applying the colors in your crease in step 4.

Then, flip the brush so it’s clean. Make the same motion as before in your crease, but there should BE NO PRODUCT on your brush. This is known as “blending.” Blend until that crease stuff looks nice.


I have my serious blending face on.

Step 6
So you did steps 4 and 5 and the eyeshadow is still looking a bit cray! What to do now? Take a fluffy blending brush, or a finger, or whatever and take an eyeshadow that is your skin color. Buff that from your crease to underneath your browbone. By buff I mean shmear in a cicrular motion.It will get rid of some unevenness. 


Before the buffing of skin color eyeshadow, I used the shade Vanilla from the palette.


You can just put highlighter beneath your browbone, and wipe on some mascara to be done with this look, or keep making it smokey with more steps.

Step 7
Apply eyeliner. I choose the black eyeshadow  in the palette and used an eyeliner brush. I applied to both inner and outer rims of my eyes. You could choose to do liquid, gel, whatever. You could also swap the black for brown for a more natural look.


Applying the liner, we all know I love me so eyeliner!

Step 8
Crucial step if you want to look like a professional. Take the same shimmery taupe color you used in step 2 and smudge it on top of your eyeliner of choice. Seems small, but I swear it pulls the whole look together. Below is my completed look, mascara, concealer, and purple lipstick included.



I haven’t busted out the purple lips for you all yet, but I did tonight for Joan who was bold in all aspects of life! Hope this helps you all!

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G.

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1 Response to The Makeup Impaired Proof Bronzed Eye featuring the Anastasia Amezy Palette

  1. Tressa Arbow says:

    Love! I definitely haven’t been doing those steps so my smoky eye is about to get real good.

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