What Robin Williams Weirdly Taught Me About Beauty, Confidence, and Life

Hello Originals,

I’m writing this post a day after hearing about the death of one of the best comedians, scratch that, one of the best actors that has ever lived. I know everyone has been writing, tweeting, expressing how sad they are about his death. Writing is a stress reliever for me so I decided to write down my thoughts and feelings about him.

1). I know I did not know Robin Williams personally, but yet it was like a sucker punch in the stomach yesterday when I saw the Breaking: Comedian Robin Williams has died at age 63 headline on my news feed. I think that Robin would want everyone to feel like he was a friend. Just hearing others talk about their experiences with him, the man seemed to not know any strangers. He also seemed to help anyone and everyone in their time of need.

2). On that note, I don’t think he would want all of us to be sad. I do truly feel he would want us to reflect and think about all the positivity he brought into our own lives, even if he was living a very sad one.

3). This got me thinking, yes the man made me laugh until I almost cried or peed too many times to count, but why on Earth am I so DEVASTED. Once again he was not family or a friend, why can’t I stop thinking about him. And than my answer was as clear to me as clear mascara. In times of some great pain and sadness this man, through his movie roles, intentionally or not, taught me some great lessons about confidence, beauty, and life. Let’s examine them more closely.

The Birdcage

,This movie is my defining Robin Williams movie. I was pretty young when it came out, heck Ally Mcbeal wasn’t even on TV, but goodness that movie taught me so much.

To always be yourself, no matter how high your freak flag is flying at the moment.

birdcage # 5

To do what you love, life is too short to be in a profession you can’t stand.

birdcage# 2

Makeup can do wonders for a person. It can also give you a piece of a fantasy life.


Miami, drag, gay men and women are existing in the same universe I am existing in, so there is no point in doing anything but loving them. And that is what I truly have done since I was 8 years old.


Drugs will not make you better or cool!

birdcage # 6

Mrs. Doubtfire/strong>

Second favorite movie, completely different plot, concept, etc, but yet still taught me loads of life lessons.

Too much makeup can be insane.


Men may not be the best at showing love,  but they can love a lot.


Families can look and feel different from my family, but heck they are still a family.


Oh Robin, how I love thee.  Thank you, and I will always check China before I serve it!

Love Always,
Alli G.

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