Makeup To Wear No Matter Your Age. 5 Products EVERY Women Needs in Her Life from age 25 and Beyond!

Hello Originals!

I saw an interesting article posted on FB yesterday, describing how 29 is the perfect age! People have the most friends at 29, they are a little bit older and wiser, and yet they are still hip! I am not saying this is true, it is just according to one study, who knows how accurate it is! Well I guess that is great news, and in 2 years I will finally be excited for the first birthday since 21! I am sorry, the 25th birthday and its rental car perks just were not that exciting. Well, what about before this golden age birthday? What about after? I know that women should wear makeup at any age because they like it, but we know that sometimes this is just not the case. Wearing something too matte may make you appear older, while wearing something too shimmery may scream out that you are trying to look young. Finding makeup that is flattering and natural at any age can be a challenge. I have rounded up 5 products that I think anyone from age 21-71 can look great in. Here we go;

1). A Blush that Has a Satin Finish (No Shimmer or Glitter Particles)


A satin finish blush is your new best friend when trying to add color. Having too matte of a blush can make one appear dull, no matter the age! A too shimmery blush can either make you look like a discoball, or it can emphasis fine lines, pores, etc. A satin finish is somewhere in between and is perfect for a natural dewy look. The blush I suggest are Clinique Color Pop blushes. They have the perfect texture and come in 4 colors. Very wearable and easy to apply.

2). Satin Finish Foundation

Not to sound like a broken record, but for a truly flattering foundation you don’t want a pure matte or too dewy of a finish.Somewhere in between is perfect. Now depending on your skin tone or preference you may want a matte or dewy look. For that you can ask makeup artists advice, but for an every day, no brainer, look, you want something that won’t make you look like a greaseball, or a literal paper doll. A satin or satin matte finish is the route to go. This Chanel foundation is beautiful, although it runs SLIGHTLY more matte. If you have very dry skin, they do have a more dewy formula called Aqua Lumiere. I know Chanel foundation is expensive, but if you wear it everyday, it is highly worth the investment.

3). Good Eyebrow Products

You can't tell from my horrible picture editing skills, but these are Anastasia Beverly Hills Product. The Brow Wiz, and Clear Brow Gel

You can’t tell from my horrible picture editing skills, but these are Anastasia Beverly Hills Product. The Brow Wiz, and Clear Brow Gel

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, than eyebrows are the curtains. Nothing frames your face more, makes more of an immediate physical difference on a person than their eyebrow shape. I know this is sort of a ridiculous snobby sounding name, but Anastasia of Beverly Hills products are seriously the best on the market. Even my hero Oprah, tried these gems and raved about them. The Brow Whiz helps shape and fill, while the clear gel makes those crazy curly hairs stay in place. Every woman needs eyebrows! You may want a thinner shape when you are younger, and a thicker shape when you are older. Or scratch that, it doesn’t matter! Do whatever you are comfortable with. There are no eyebrow commandments, except, “Thou NEEDS EYEBROWS.”

4). A Glitter Free Highlighter20140806_151557_1

When you need a skin pick me up, nothing does that more easily than a highlighter. You can use it above your cheekbones, underneath your eyebrow, above your cupids bow on your lip. Wherever! A glow without glitter is ideal for women of all ages. It is more natural, and doesn’t emphasize anything you don’t need emphasized! This highlighter is hands down my favorite makeup product thus far of 2014. It is from Hourglass and it is an Ambient Lighting Powder. This line of powders act like a photo filter and add subtle glow and shimmer to your face. These things are subtle miracle wonders. Every time I wear this, people tell me you look so pretty, you are glowing! And they don’t know why! It is this stuff, and that is what women of all ages want to hear. Not your makeup looks good, but that you LOOK GOOD!

5). A Nude Eyeliner

Nude eyeliner just sounds weird to me, sort of like nude pantyhose, but whateves, moving on…Anyone can benefit from a nude eyeliner in the bottom line of your eye. It is an instant pick me up! It makes your eyes look brighter, whiter, healthier. No matter if you are tired from clubbing, staying up with your kids, or late dinner party, nude eyeliner the next day will do wonders for your awake/alert look. This one is from Stila, but the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in nude is also quite good, at a more drugstore price.

Alright Originals! I hope this helps! Stay tuned and Stay Original.

Love always,
Alli G.

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1 Response to Makeup To Wear No Matter Your Age. 5 Products EVERY Women Needs in Her Life from age 25 and Beyond!

  1. J9Lala says:

    I own Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua and the Perfection Lumiere Velvet. I’m shocked by how much more I like the Velvet…not too matte and not too dewy…stays put all day and smoothes everything out to a natural skin-like finish 😀

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