Flower Power and How Drew Barrymore Saved the Day

Hello and Happy Weekend Everyone!

Have you ever bought a makeup product and broke it right after you bought it? I hadn’t either, and felt that depression until this happened…


That was my Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak. I had been eyeing this bugger for months! Months! I read and watched every review, I swatched, I saved and than finally bought it. I was packing it for a recent trip and poof, it flew out of my hand and shattered on my tile bathroom floor.

Not only was I devastated,  but I thought I was going to have to save for it again. Until I saw a video from Emily Noel, saying how there was this wonderful face palette from Drew Barrymore’s line Flower. It had a blush and a bronzer, just like my other palette. It just didn’t have a highlighter,  but I wasn’t too fond of the Urban Decay highlighter anyways. Also, the Flower line is sold at Walmart and is a lot stinking cheaper than Urban Decay. I thought I would investigate.


There is my broken palette next to the Flower one, they look pretty similar in color, let’s see how they swatch and perform.



Well the Urban Decay is a bit smoother and softer in texture, but the Flower one is not rough or cheap feeling by any means. The Flower does have pigmentation on its side, the darker color in both pictures is from the Flower palette, not the Urban Decay, interesting!

I blushed and contoured one side of my face with Urban Decay and the other with Flower. I am not saying which side is which, because frankly when I was done I couldn’t tell!


Pretty neat huh?

I also picked up two lip crayons from the line. One is a Sheer Lip Tint, the other is a Velvet Matte Crayon. I can tell you the Sheer one is anything but sheer.


Velvet Matte, is the Pinker looking tube on the left, Sheer Tint on the Right


Sheer Lip Tint

It is a non drying formula. It’s the rose color in the line. The velvet matte is literally like a softest lipstick formula in a Crayon form. I bought the red color. It applies softer than the Sheer Tint, it is literally Velvet.


Velvet Matte


Sheer tint on the left, Velvet Matte on the Right

Long story short (story of my life), broken products can be replaced by cheaper, high quality products. The Urban Decay Palette cost 30 USD, the Flower Face Palette is 9.95 USD, the lip crayons are 7.95 USD each. Those 3 products TOGETHER cost less than buying another Urban Decay Palette.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both brands because they don’t test on animals and are both MADE in the USA! Drew, a fellow Pisces whom I love dearly, wins this hands down.


Stay tuned and Stay Original Everyone!

Love Always,
Alli G.

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