July Favorites, Lots of Celebrations and Eye Make-Up Madness

Hello Originals!

I’m going to need to split my favorites into two posts this month, one post will be  more beauty favorites and than the other post will be more fashion favorites, unless we wanted a 4 page post; but nobody got time for that!

So let’s get this favorite party started;

First is my new favorite heavy duty lip balm and it is found surprisingly in the men’s grooming section of department stores and Ulta. That is the Jack Back Lip Balm in Natural Mint. If you have crazy chapped lips like mine, you will love this stuff. They have a few other flavors if you don’t like mint. These are also great because they have a SPF of 25!


Next, is the incredible Younique 3rd Fiber Mascara, which I have some very exciting news about! This stuff is no joke, fake eyelashes in a tube and I love it!  I think if you try it for yourself you will love it too! I know at 29 USD, it is a bit pricey, but think of it as cost per wear.


-One pair of good fake eyelashes cost around 7 to 8 dollars at the least. If you bought 3 to 4 pair of eyelashes it would cost you the same or even more than this 3D Fiber Mascara.
-some people really like eyelash extensions, but I see full sets advertised on Groupon for like 99.00 dollars. Although this mascara has to be applied every day, it doesn’t cost 99 dollars, and there are no harsh chemicals like in eyelash extensions.
-high end mascaras cost around 30 dollars, and they don’t produce these kinds of results.




So my big announcement for this incredible mascara is… I am hosting a virtual party to sell this new cult favorite! Younique is a direct sale cosmetics company, in the same idea as Mary Kay and Avon. Your consultant/presenter is  whom you are buying this and other Younique products from. That person is no other than  my friend Caiti Leiataua! While Caiti helps sell the product,  I am a virtual host, or giving her like a little virtual storefront for a week and a half to sell these amazing products.

So for 10 days you can buy the mascara either from my link on Facebook (if we are cool like that) or starting tomorrow from this blog.

Yes I am hawking this mascara to my friends, family, and readers but trust me I, 100% believe in this product. I have gotten countless emails from people asking me to advertise and do something on my blog with their products. I have told most of them no. I chose to host this party because this product is so amazing. Also there is a 14 day return policy, where they will refund you if you are not happy.

I don’t get buckets of cash or anything like that if you buy during my hosting time. I am hoping to just get a few more Younique products at a discounted rate to review for you all. Moving on…

Wet N’ Wild Comfort Zone Palette
Not much to say except I have been reaching for this classic drugstore neutral eight eyeshadow palette all month long! The quality of most of these eyeshadow is unparalleled in a drugstore format. If you don’t have this one, I highly suggest you buy it!


You can see this thing has taken a beauty beating! That is how much I love it!


Swatches of the palette, I think they cost like 5.99-7.99ish?! Worth it!

Tom Ford Liquid Liner in Deeper and Two Faced Perfect Eyeliner in Black


I talked extensively about these two gems in my Eyeliner 101 post. Let’s just say both are jet black, both last a good long while, and both are made so amazingly that once you are done applying you will scream out “Nailed it!”

I will talk about some more favorites in a Favorites Part Deux post but until than;

Stay Tuned and Stay Original Everyone!

Many posts coming up!

Love Always,
Alli G.

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