Am I a Little Eye Makeup Crazy! Yes, Yes I Am, and this New Essence Mascara is not Helping!


Do I like eye makeup! Well yes, I sure do! My whole life I have been told that my eyes are one of my best features so,  I always try to play them up first when I am doing my makeup. As you should
with your best feature! I promise you, you have a best feature.

To be fair to you all, I don’t know if every mascara I review is going to give you the same effect that it has on me. But, I do know what mascaras barely made an impact on my lashes, the feel of the mascara on my eyelashes, and how long it lasted without flaking. I know if a mascara will hold a curl for you, etc. Basically I can tell you if a mascara is worth your time and your hard earned cash or not!

That brings us to a great drugstore mascara, the Essence I ♡ Extreme , Crazy Volume Mascara. If you don’t like dramatic eyelashes, this one is not for you!


Essence is a brand I have only seen at Ulta, but I do think it is carried other places. It is a lower priced brand, and it is a smaller display located near the other drugstore brands in Ulta. This mascara cost me 4.99 USD.

-it is a wet formula and thus really sticks to my eyelashes and makes them have crazy volume and length.
-it is super black and pigmented
-I haven’t noticed a crazy smell, unlike some other drugstore mascaras
-I feel like the shorter rubber bristles grab every last eyelash
-it can coat my bottom lashes pretty well without looking cray cray.


-it is super wet, and always gives me the dreaded mascara mark on my eyelids because it doesn’t dry fast enough
-it flakes after 5 or 6 hours on me, even shorter if it’s hot outside(it is really hot outside)
-it was the last one sold at the SECOND Ulta I visited, so it seems to be gaining in popularity
-does not give me a natural look or feel on my lashes,  this is not the one to put on if you want a “no-makeup, makeup” look.
-my lashes do feel stiff afterwards, I don’t mind this, but I know other people don’t like that feeling.

Final Rating B+, I love the dramatic look, but I know it’s not for everyone! Also wear time and feel could be a bit better!



How was your weekend everyone? Mine was great! I had a friend’s bridal shower, and an open house for my best friends baby! Also two heavy meals of Korean BBQ and Dim Sum in between. Going to eat nothing but watermelon this week! Haha!  I am really excited because I have been doing a training program for my job for over a year now, and the class portion is done on Thursday. Thank the heavens! What did you do? Have any late summer plans?

Love Always,
Alli G.

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