Walk Like an Egyptian, or at Least Look like Cleopatra! Eyeliner 101

Hello Originals!

What is the number one secret to getting bigger, brighter eyes? Eyeliner of course! What to do when there are SO many eyeliner types on the market? How do you know which type is best for you? It can be confusing and difficult for sure, so today I am doing an eyeliner guide! All black eyeliners of course so you can have smoldering eyes


Eyeliners from left to right Still Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, Tom Ford Eye Deepening Pen in Deeper, Wet N' Wild Gel Eyeliner

For eyeliner there is a definite personal preference going on! Some like a natural look, while others like me, like a strong cat eye! There is no right or wrong look. Just know your preference so you can make eyeliner manageable for your life! There are 4 main types, the stick eyeliner, pencil, liquid, and gel/cream. I have examples of all types from the most expensive makeup I own (55.00), to 3.99 at Walgreens. Know that there are eyeliners at all pricepoints, from drugstore to luxury and the ones I have done for this post are just my favorites in the different categories.

Stick Eyeliner Strengths
-great for beginners
-most come with a twist up product so you never have to sharpen the product
-come in every color of the rainbow
-you can achieve a natural look or smudge it for a smokey look.

-the product only let’s you have SO much control of how thick/thin the line is. It depends on the diameter of the stick. Most of the time you can get a thin line, and will have to work harder for a thick line.

No matter the method to apply your eyeliner, it is always good to start off with pulling your eye taut gently. This creates an even surface for you to draw the line.


Don't pull your eye too tight! Just gently straighten it!


Pencil Eyeliner Strengths
-great for beginners!
-can come as cheap as 99 cents!
-you have the ultimate control of thickness with a pencil eyeliner.
-some come in creamier formulas now so they glide across the eye as smooth as the stick formula mentioned above.

-some that aren’t creamy can tug at the eye
-you have to sharpen them, the sharper the pencil is, the less tug on your eyelid! Remember eyelids are some of the thinnest of skin! Keep yours protected!


This is the Too Faced Eyeliner, I got it in a set with mascara for 12 dollars. When it runs out, I'm going to buy the full size product. Wet N Wild, NYX, Rimmel London, all have excellent drugstore alternatives


When I do pencil eyeliner I rim my water line and on top of my lid. This technique is called tight lineing, I can do another post to show you how to do this.


Liquid Eyeliner Strengths
-great at producing big, dramatic looks
-the easiest way to emphasize your eyes
-can last longer than the other formulas
-will not tug at your skin
-for those comfortable with eyeliner, it is the fastest way to apply

-takes lots and lots of practice!
-can be hard to remove when you are finished for the day


The infamous Tom Ford Eyeliner. Cost per wear for me, made this purchase justifiable. If you don't do thick eyeliner all the time investigate the brand Eyeko, or drugstore Maybelline, L'Oréal have terrific liquid eyeliners

Authors note, this Tom Ford Eyeliner is the most expensive makeup I own. For me this purchase was 100 percent worth it because it has made liquid eyeliner so much easier for me. It is two sided with two high quality brushes of different sizes so  I can create a perfect cat eye with it. Although I don’t need to justify spending $55.00 on a product, just know that I saved for this purchase,  and I have a full time job with no kids. I don’t expect anyone else to HAVE to buy this eyeliner. I, in fact, am investigating cheaper dupes for us all, because this stuff is amazing.


Finished Cat Eye! Meow!

Gel/Cream Eyeliner Strengths
-Stay on your lid the longest of the eyeliner types
-most gentle on your skin
-can achieve very dramatic looks
-never have to worry about sharpening/product breaking
-good for intermediate/advance makeup looks
-easier to remove (most of the time) than liquid

-need separate tools to apply, either a brush or another pencil eyeliner
-can dry out because they are in a pot
-not the most travel friendly


I put the Wet N Wild on my Too Faced Pencil, you can do that or apply with an eye line brush, or even a brow brush


Finished look!

Stila Stick Link

Too Faced Set Link

Tom Ford Link

Cheaper Great Liquid Eyeliner Link http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod2830021

Wet N Wild Gel Eyeliner link

I hope this guide has been helpful! Please let me know if you want more detailed eyeliner tutorials! Also stay tuned for my 3D mascara tutorial! Have an Original Weekend!

Love Always,
Alli G.

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