I Want to Buy Everything! Too Bad Life, My Job and Fiance aren’t Going to Let that Happen! Save and Splurge Fashion Post

Hello Originals!

I have decided to start posting some fashion items on my little blog experiment here. People have been asking me if I could start writing about it on the blog, so here I am!

The Nordstorm Anniversary Sale is going on right now as we speak. For those that don’t know, one of my first real jobs was working at Nordstorm. This sale is where regular new and full priced items go on sale for a few weeks. It is insane to work, but pretty fun to shop. I heart the Anniversary sale, but my wallet is not so sure. Therefore I made a promise to myself that I would JUST buy jeans at the sale, NOT HANDBAGS.

So what do I do about those handbags that I’m telling myself I need/want/pretend to need? I go get my handbag fix at cheaper places Originals!

Behold my handbag I “saved” on. It’s from the brand Poverty Flats, and it’s gorgeous! The fake leather is sturdy, it’s in a bowler type shape,  it’s perforated,  and the mix of grey and white are perfect neutrals. To think this bag was only 44.95, but than it was 40 percent off at my DSW! Ha! I got it for 29.95. I am officially so happy to have my everyday summer/fall bag.


Here is the link if you want to share in this joy, I don’t know why online it is $34 and at my local DSW it was $29.95. Maybe call and get it in person, or pay extra for not having to hunt

Next is my “splurge” bag, which is actually my sneak attack save of the month. I actually bought this perfect clutch during a Katespade.com secret 75% off sale. This brought the price from well over a 100 dollars to $69.


I adore this! I have a lot of formal events during the fall and quite frankly I needed this. Well that is at least what I told my mind anyways. It is pewter which is my favorite neutral to wear in the evening. It is made so well, and has an awesome bow on top to make it look less traditional.


Sick of carrying it in your hand? It has an attached metallic shoulder strap! How cool is that? Can’t wait to carry this beauty!

This purse is no longer on the website, but here is a wallet (on sale) with a similar look;

Alright those were my save and splurge purses of the summer. I am going to get so much cost per wear out of these, and both items came in all togethet around 100 dollars! I think I did some successful hunting!

Stay tuned and stay original!

Love always,
Alli G.

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4 Responses to I Want to Buy Everything! Too Bad Life, My Job and Fiance aren’t Going to Let that Happen! Save and Splurge Fashion Post

  1. FYI, neither of the links work! You’ve got an extra http in there on both of ’em. Nice choices.

  2. The first one still doesn’t work for some reason!

    • allisongberg says:

      Huh? I clicked on the 1st one and it is showing, and the second one didn’t work! So than I fixed the second one. Let me keep trying, or I might just copy and paste the link

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