Another Drugstore Giorgio Armani Dupe? Supposedly the New Maybelline Fluid Dream Wonder Foundation Will Do the Trick.

Hello Originals!


So I think I am going to start a new tradition on my blog. I am going to call it “Try it Tuesdays.” I will experience and than blog about a new beauty product, food,  piece of clothing, etc. All for your beginning of the week pleasure of course!

It may not be every Tuesday, but as often as I can! This Try it Tuesday I am doing a first impression of the new liquid foundation by Maybelline. It’s a new addition to  their Dream Wonder Line, and it’s being marketed as a fluid touch foundation. I have heard that it is the equivalent to  the Giorgio Armani Maestro Foundation! priced at 62 USD.

I bought it at Ulta last week for 9.99 USD. Let’s see if this was in fact a smart buy! The first time I put it on my face was on Saturday night. I looked like this…


So we know it photographs well, but how does it stand up over the course of the day? I tested it today. Let’s see.


This is me pre-foundation, with concealer on. Scary huh? No huge breakouts or anything, just some redness/uneven skintone. I must warn everyone that this foundation is not the best color match for me. I know it is too light. I don’t really care about the color match right now, but I wanted to see how it felt, performed, and what the finish was on my skin. So just know it is too light for me. My shade is 20 Classic Ivory, I think it is the 2nd lightest shade color in the range.

It’s got a weird spatula applicator. I decided to dot it on my face and then blend with the favorite Real Techniques Expert Face brush.


That is me pointing to the side of my face with the foundation on. The other side has none. After one coat I cannot see redness or unevenness on the foundation side.


This is the face with both sides covered in foundation. To me, it is pretty medium coverage. It covers everything I need covered, but…

It was sort of weird and patchy on both my oily nose and dry patches on my chin. What the heck?! It was able to be blended but it was weird on both oily and dry skin. That sort of stinks for people that don’t have perfect normal skin right now.

P.S. I don’t know who has perfectly normal skin right now in SUMMER, especially in TEXAS!

I would describe the finish as a satin matte. Some people have said it has a  “natural” finish but on me, I could definitely tell I had foundation on. It does have SPF, so let’s see it in flash photo, and see if it gives me that dreaded Casper Face.


I changed lip colors by the last picture, it was a tad bit bright to tutor students!

A little white face, but like I said the color is tad light on me. I went out to run errands in the hot, hot sun. Let’s see it after 5 hours.


Definitely oxidized, or came off a bit (a lot). I snapped this pic with flash and I took it in the same lighting, but my face is a lot darker. My nose is shiny,  BUT nothing I do controls that right now.

Final Rating: solid B. I just didn’t LOVE how it was weird on some parts of my skin, but not on others. It did have a pretty finish, and had a cool liquid to powder like texture. I just think it will be better suited for me during the winter when my skin is truly normal! Has anyone tried this and the GA foundation? How does it compare?

Stay tuned and Stay Original!

Love Always,
Alli G

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