Overwhelmed at the Haircare Aisle at Your Favorite Stores?! Me too! Thankfully I Got a Totalbeauty.com Hair Care Box

Hey Originals!


Disclaimer,  I did get sent The All About Hair Collection by TotalBeauty.com box of hair care items from Totalbeauty.com for free, in order to review and get back to you guys about how I liked it. If you read the review and want to order your own box, I have a discount code listed down below. This box is supposed to be “your summer hair routine perfected. ”

Another disclaimer, I am sassy and honest around everyone, and I will continue to do so if people send me free stuff or not.

Third Disclaimer, I am not getting paid by Totalbeauty.com so therefore I am not sponsored.

Anyways, I have always wanted to try a subscription box. I swear every other day I am about to enter in my credit card number to some subscription service and than I choke and don’t do it. What if I don’t like the products? What IF?!?! So, I am pretty pumped that Totalbeauty.com sent this to me. I got to conquer my subscription box fear and get 6 new hair products to try! Win, win! Plus I love Total Beauty. I am truly, honestly saying that. I have looked at their  shopping guides for certain products for a good long year now. So enough intro, let’s get started!


The box came with all of this stuff. Two full size products, two deluxe sample size products, and two mini samples. It also came with a 15 dollar off coupon to esalon.com, and a promo code for 25 dollars off the Keranique Hair Regrowth Bundle. In this review I am going to give a general overview of the products, if I think it is worth the 20 dollars (plus free shipping), and if I would order again.

The two coupons I could do without. They are helpful, but my mindset is not to spend MORE money right now. Maybe I will use them next paycheck. For someone that would be interested in at home color or a hair growth product, you would be getting a pretty awesome deal. Next box it would be awesome if they had a coupon for one of the products featured in the box. Sidenote!

Next the full size products . One is the Nelson J Beverly Hills Aragan Oil 7 Styling Conditioner in the Volume edition. The other is Bosley Healthy Hair Rebalancing and Finishing  Treatment. I don’t use a lot of of hair treatment things generally. My hair is fine and most stuff weighs it down. I am interested to see how these two perform.

I am pumped about the Bosley Treatment because it claims to help with scalp issues, and I do currently have a dry scalp. The Nelson J product is supposed to be an everything in one product (detangler, sunscreen, heat protector, etc) while not weighing hair down. I do like that I would have never picked up these products on my own. I also like that Bosley is vegan and cruelty free and Nelson J is not tested on aninals. Both products claim to be made in the USA which I love!



The deluxe minis are Evolvh Ultra Shine Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner set. I have heard of this brand! What is also exciting is that it is supposed to help with colored hair. If you look online the same full size products are sold out! That does mean they are a brand that are producing a somewhat popular product. I love the smell, and can’t wait to try these out.


The minis samples I was less impressed with. One is the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil African Macadamia. This product is 0.4 FL OZ and is retailed at 1.50, which seems to be a little pricey to me. When researching, this price is accurate and a not a reflection on TotalBeauty. It also claims to not weigh hear down, so we will see! I feel like it is a little similar to the Nelson J product.  I would have preferred all different types of hair products. The last thing was 100% Pure Honey and Virgin Coconut Restorative Shampoo. I feel like this sample was an afterthought. It is literally the size of a ketchup packet, but I can probably get 2 uses out of it.


Is it worth it?
The info card that came with the box claims the products in here are a $96.55 value. After researching,  some of their listed prices were not totally accurate. For example the deluxe mini set should really be 12 dollars because the 15 dollar set online has 1 more Fl. OZ. and is still priced at 15 dollars. Also I saw the Bosley being sold as low as $9.00 USD. I do think the products are worth more than 20 dollars, but at my calculations they should have been at $37.60, not including the “money” given to you by the coupons. Still $37.60 is more than 20 dollars PLUS free shipping, so it is a deal.

Yes I would! I am generally excited about 4 out of the 6 products. I also like that they gave me  brands that aren’t talked about everyday and I would never purchase on my own. I am digging it! I have some gripes, but I usually do about most products:)

I have a coupon code for you all! It is HAIR10, and it’s worth 10 percent off this collection. That means your box will be 18 dollars plus free shipping! Awesome!

Stay tuned and Stay Original!

Love always,
Alli G

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