Coconut Water Craze is Now Officially Everywhere! Day/Night Looks Using the Josie Maran Coconut Waterproof Eye Shadow


I don't know who wears glitter in the day, except those NOT SORRY about partying!

So I love…OK just sort of like coconut water like the rest of us. It tastes good, it’s good for you, but sometimes it  makes me want to drink just straight up water. PS, that is sort of hard to do!

Coconut water is showing up everywhere lately in the beauty world. Now it is even in eyeshadow form thanks to Argan Oil Queen Josie Maran. These eyeshadows are pretty awesome, but they aren’t for the shiny makeup opposers. Let’s take a look shall we?


They come in a different cream eyeshadow form than you usually see. They are in a doe foot dropper applicator. I think the reasoning behind this is because they are more liquid, being made up of 50% coconut water and all, than cream.

The colors I tried were Rio De Rose Gold and Bora Bora Bronze.



Rio De Rose Gold is just that, a super shiny rose gold. I love the look for daytime in the summer. It’s shiny, pretty, and stays put a good long while. I have tested it, at longest for 6 hours, and it didn’t budge at all. Now I know some of you like this look, but others are running for the hills. So I blended some matte brown and white in my crease and brownbone to calm it the
Shiny discoball forest down.


Than I used Bora Bora Bronze in order to achieve a nighttime look. This color was WAY harder to apply and blend. I think I did it successfully for a nice  smokey eye look, but it took crazy amount of work. Those who don’t have  pale as it gets skin, might not need to work so hard.


I also pulled my hair back and slapped some Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings

Bora Bora Bronze I thought was going to be a no brainer, easy bronze smokey eye but that was just not the case. Rio Rose Gold was much easier to work with. Although the bronze color was way(I mean seriously) intense, I like how both products feel on the skin. They both have incredible color payoff, no one can argue with that! I swatched the rest of the colors  For being just single eyeshadows, the color selection was alright. The line has a lighter brown color, a pale pink, a forest green, and a purple.

Final Rating; B. If you are looking for a hydrating eyeshadow product, a new eyeshadow for summer, or like Josie Maran products, I would say go ahead and try these.


Shiny ball, shiny ball.

STay tuned and stay original everyone!

-Josie Maran Eyeshadows 18 USD

-TOPSHOP Nordstorm Top

-Skylar Kendra Scott Earrings

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