“I’ve Got a Run in my Pantyhose, Oh Wait! I’m Not Wearing Pantyhose”, but rather Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs


There is me, trying to do my best Julia Roberts impression from the only romantic comedy I have ever liked, “Pretty Woman.” Oh how I love thee Julia. I even  have got my wild and crazy wavy red hair out. We are going to talk about how I tamed that sucker in the next post…oh how I digress.

Have you seen this before?


Of course you have! It’s been around in the drugstore for ages. Well it used to only come in a spray can but recently they have started making it in a cream.

My good teacher friend Lindsey, shout out Lindsey!, asked if I could do a self tanner post. I told her I would love too, but when your legs permanently look like this,


even after spending hours in the sun for 4th of July, most self tanners make me look orange or dirty. That is why I decided to buy the Airbrush Legs, it gives you temporary color and coverage. It also washes off after one time in the shower so I knew, worst case scenario, I wouldn’t look like an Oompa Loompa for too long. So here is how the Sally Experiment went…


I poured a little more than a quarter size amount in my palm like this. It sort of covered my leg with a dark (well at least for me) tan color. It didn’t cover my whole leg evenly so I repeated two more times.

Just to compare I covered one leg with Sally Hansen, and one leg with one of my new faves, the Jergens BB Body.




Result, the leg on the left is Sally Hansen, totally gave me color. After settling for about 5 minutes, it looked pretty natural as well. The right (popped) leg is Jergens. Doesn’t give me one lick of color, but smooths out my complexion.

I decided to mix the two after about 30 seconds of contemplation. I have seen one of my favorite bloggers, Estee from Essie Button, mix the Sally with her favorite lotion. My arm became the guinea pig on this experiment.


The arm on the right has both products on. I say it makes my skin look pretty darn good.

Overall Impression/Review.
My shade in Sally Hansen is Light. It almost was a touch darker than I would like, but when I mixed with the Jergens it gave me an almost perfect result. I am also ridiculously pale, so I don’t know how to advise what color you should get if you want to try this stuff out. If you are my shade, paler, or maybe up to 1 shade darker, you should go with light. Everyone else could probably pull of medium? I got mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $10 USD. It costs WAY more at CVS or Walgreens.

I would rate this a  B+/A-. This stuff lasts, but it is definitely not water resistant as it claims. It is also a bit time consuming to apply. I liked the end result and will for sure apply for special events/when I’m photographed in the future. Maybe the spray paint version is faster. It does have a fragrance, very herbal, but I don’t mind it. I’m just glad this experiment didn’t turn into,


Stay tuned and stay original everyone!

Lots of love,

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