Non – surgical Facelift? Nah, it’s just L’Oréal ‘s Visible Lift Line of Products

Hey Originals!

So Ulta is having a 40 percent off L’Oréal,  NYX, and Physicians Formula Sale Now! I have been uber curious about some of the L’Oréal Visible Lift Products for awhile, and I thought yesterday, “no time better than the present to try some of this stuff out!” All for Original Research of course!

Today I am trying a first impression review. I will update how the products look and feel throughout the day sort of in real time.  I’m like a make-up knockoff of Keifer Sutherland in 24!


Let’s Get Started!


The two products I am mentioning in this post, the Lift CC Rollerball Concealer, they have a new one that is not a rollerball. Also the Lift Blur Blush in the lightest color, Soft Peach

9:45 AM
I have applied both the Visible Lift CC Concealer Under my Eyes, as well as the Visible Lift Blur Blush in Soft Peach to my face. The concealer doesn’t give as a flawless coverage as my holy grail, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but it did brighten me up some. I also LOVE the cooling metal rollerball. It feels well AMAZEBALLS on my face. Of course I got my pale little self the color FAIR.


So I tried to be "creative" and took a shot of myself with concealer under one eye, and no concealer on the other eye. At first you can't see a darn bit of difference, but on closer inspection, the left/concealer eye does look a bit more lifted.


OK I got a grip on my artistic endeavors and this picture has both eyes concealed. See what I mean? You can still see dark eye circles, but they just appear more "lifted".

The blush felt like I was putting on liquid silk to my face. It is a cream blush so I stipled it into my face with my Elf Small Stiple Brush, nickname “Skunkbrush”. The blush definitely has a pretty, natural, and awakening finish. Let’s see how long these products last!


Blush on, you can tell the difference between my no blush picture. I also have on Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Lipstick in Stoked.

10:45 AM
I arrived at my parents to help babysit my niece Micah. She is, I guess I am a wee bit bias, the most precious thing ever. Anyways, Mamasita (that’s what I call my mom) told me she liked my blush so much, that she was mad I didn’t buy her one! She also didn’t state that I looked tired, which means the concealer was working somewhat!

1:45 PM
Four hours into makeup wear (3 hours into assisted babysitting), I take a looksie in the mirror/camera. The blush may not be as heavily pigmented as it was before, but I still have a pretty darn good glow on! Victory number 1! I also don’t look like I’m going to pass out, or that I have racoon eyes. Victory number 2!

Me at 4:45 PM! After tutoring and babysitting! Would make any girl have her makeup fall off! Just kidding!


Final thoughts;
I love the blush! L’Oréal is in the same corporate family as Giorgio Armani.   The blush is quite the dupe for GA’s Maestro Blush that just came out on the market. Same silky, almost water like texture, and they are also both highly pigmented. Great for all women, but especially those with large pores or also maturing skin. The silicon in these products fills in pores and wrinkles! I would say that although 12-13 USD is expensive for drugstore blush, it is nowhere near the 59-62 USD? I think! Price point for the GA blush. With the 40% off sale at Ulta, you get it for even cheaper, like 7.79!

The concealer is ok. It’s good for days when I am in a hurry, and don’t have time to do makeup artist quality work on my racoon eyes. Favorite concealer of all time? Nope! A really good one? Sure, why not! It is down from 9.99 USD to 5.99 on the sale!

Here is the link to L’Oréal cosmetics at Ulta! Stay tuned and stay original! Until next time!
Concealer link http://

Blush link http://

Alli G

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