June The Month of Foundations, Omar Little, and Young Adult Books


Me and my best friend Mandy's newborn daughter Natalie! Such a beautiful peanut!

Hello Everyone! So most beauty bloggers do a monthly favorite post. That means they take their favorite products from the month and talk about them. It sort of is like a reflection of the month. My friends and family will tell you that I love me a good reflection, so I decided to give it a whirl!

*Authors note- Please know if you suggest a product you want me to do a review/tutorial on, I will love to do it for you! Just leave it down in the comments below. Enough jabber, let’s get right into the products and other things I have been loving this month.


You will kill me for the price of this thing, but I swear it's worth every penny!

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer
I got a lot of questions after my last blog post about what primer I use and this is it! For those that don’t know what a primer is, it is a makeup product you put on before your foundation. It is supposed to make makeup look better and last on your face longer. Some primers luminze your skin, blur pores, or mattify. This one definitely smooths out skin and can help mattify. It literally is perfect for summer. It seems like such a small, non-essential, but I promise it can make your foundation routine so much better. I love this stuff! Even without foundation it makes a difference on my skin. It also has  an SPF of 15, so it can add sun protection for you. Catch is, how dang expensive it is! At 18 dollars for half a fluid ounce it is one of the pricest primers. All you need is a drop. Literally smaller than a pea size drop to cover your face and it will make any foundation, no matter price or quality, look better. I have had mine for almost a month and I haven’t even made a dent. Alas, I may or may not be a crazy makeup conserver.

http:// http://m.sephora.com/veil-mineral-primer-spf-15-P210575?skuId=1074442

bareMinerals Brightening Serum Foundation.


I wrote about this in my last blog. I have continued to use it and love it. Is great for everyday foundation. Have talked with several other people that use it, and we are in agreement that you don’t need the brush! It’s alright if you use it, and it works, but for those wondering if they should buy both, YOU DON’T NEED it!

http:// http://m.bareescentuals.com/bareSkin-Pure-Brightening-Serum-Foundation-Broad-Spectrum-SPF-20/US70724,default,pd.html

Chanel Perfection Lumere Velvet


Same package as it's Aqua Lumere Counterpart, just all black.

I used to have the Aqua Lumere and I heard that this new sister of that foundation was incredible. I have to agree that in pictures it does give off a beautiful finish. What are the differences between the two products? The Aqua is better for those with drier, or more mature skin. The Velvet is better for those with combo/oily skin. During this season, I don’t even know if you should adhere to this “rule” If you are taking pictures in the outside during the summer, this foundation will make your skin look flawless. It is pricey, but I would suggest if you were going to spend money on makeup, it better be something you could wear everyday, and this is definitely one of those items. My color is Beige 10.

http:// http://m.nordstrom.com/s/3708512/

Enough foundation madness! My favorite new eyeshadow trio is…

Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Trio in Sweet As Candy

a href=”https://allisongberg.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/wpid-wp-1404340571304.jpg”>image

I love this stuff! Who knew the drug store makeup brand that I hadn’t bought anything from since I was 14, had the best eyeshadows! Well I am here to say that Wet and Wild does have some of the smoothest, easiest to work with, eyeshadows on the market. At 2.99 or less a pop, you can definitely experiment with the brands trios. I love Sweet As Candy’ s natural satin finish of pink and light brown. The white is now my favorite highlighter shade of all time. I used this on my recent trip to Chicago on myself and my best friend Mandy, what’s up Mandy! It looked stunning on both of us equally, although we literally have the exact opposite skin coloring, eye coloring, and hair coloring. This will look good on about everyone. I’m wearing it in the “after foundation” shot above.

http:// http://m.walgreens.com/mt/www.walgreens.com/store/c/wet-n-wild-color-icon-collection-eye-shadow-trio/ID=prod6015794-product

Alright those four products were in my almost daily rotation for makeup. If you care to know my other favorites (TV, books, etc, they are down below)

Favorite TV
Now that I’m out of school I have been non stop decompressing with two pretty scandalous TV shows.

-First is second season is Orange is the New Black. I love this series so much. I do think that second season was better than the first because there is less of Piper! Is it just me, or is Piper the least interesting/most annoying one in the entire show? I think Taylor Schilling plays her beautifully, but they just make her so annoying. I do think it must be on purpose, right? You can watch the entire season of OITNB on Netflix. Go ahead girl with your bad self and binge watch if you can!


-The Wire This show was on HBO from 2003-2008. It is incredible, I don’t know why I insisted on not watching it after Sex and The City all those years. It is quite honestly way better than SATC! It is gritty and real. If you have a hard time with drugs, violence, and bad language, it is not the show for you. MAJOR DISCLAIMER!! Each season tells about several aspects of Baltimore life from the police, shipyards, politicians, and now I’m on the 4th season which is about the schools. Oh how I can relate!! For those that are fans of it and Game of Thrones, here is an awesome character analysis/comparison of The Wire Characters with Game Of Thrones.
http:// http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2014/05/30/game_of_thrones_and_the_wire_matching_the_characters_on_each_show_to_their.html

You can watch The Wire’s entire five seasons on Amazon Prime. Please note they make a few references to Omar Little on OITNB and he is not only a character from The Wire, but one of the best TV characters of all time.


Hooked on Phonics Did Work For Me

I am also reading for fun again! Yeah!

The two, well now 5 books I have read through in June are Young Adult Novels. Whoops!

The first one I read in literally 3 hours;

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.


I am not going to say what Leo Dicaprio movie this reminded me of, you will have to read the spoiler down below

This book was alright. It was definitely a quick read and had a surprise twist ending. It’s about a really rich family, three cousins to be exact, and they go spend their summers on a private island that their grandparents own. All is well except one of them has an accident one summer, and things aren’t as peachy keen as they once seemed. It is a pretty good suspenseful mystery.

Spoiler Alert! Reason I didn’t like it that much is  down below

Shutter Island anyone? This ending will not surprise you that much if you have seen that movie. Nothing plays with your mind as much as Leo and Scorsse!

Another spoiler, most young adults have not seen that movie, so that is why they are freaking out about this book.

-Across the Universe by Beth Revis


Another YA dystopian trilogy is set this time in space! The first two books in this series were great, I am struggling to get through the 3rd, not unlike,  The Hunger Games trilogy for me. This story takes place starting im 2036. The protagonist Amy, agrees to be frozen with her parents and blasted off 300 years in the future, so they and 97 others can repopulate another planet in order to help a struggling Earth. She is than mysteriously woken up 50 years early, and she learns that there is a whole new society on the spaceship she is on. A society with tons of mysteries, including someone who tried to intentionally murder her. It’s way less Sci Fi and more suspenseful mystery than it sounds. I highly recommend to anyone!

So folks, that is a wrap! I got to go vacation in Southern California and Chicago this month. I met the first child born to my group of best friends, and plan my wedding.  I also said goodbye to my fearless leader boss, my principal, who is retiring. To say June was a month of high and lows is an understatement! What were your favorite moments from June? As always, sorry if there are typos/grammatical errors in this post. I write this for fun, and don’t really care about formalities, but I apologize if this causes some of it to be hard to read! Stay tuned and Stay Original everyone!

Alli G.

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  1. Tressa says:

    Totally agree about OITNB – can’t stand Piper!

    Will have to try the Bare Minerals foundation because I’m not a fan of their dry stuff. You and Natalie look beautiful!

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