Yes, It is the Season of Posting the Temperature Inside Your Car. What Foundation Should You Wear to Beat the Heat Part I

Hello Originals,

So I know it has been WAY too long since my last post. You know the end of school happened, and than I was off to California to do some wedding planning. Well now I am back in glorious Tejas, just in time for this to start occuring:


It is now hot! Although Texans love us some cool beer, baseball games, and major pool time; Texan women have the little problem of their makeup melting off their face come summer time.

What do you do? Well you can forgo foundation all together and use a BB/ cream/tinted moisturizer route. I will post about my favorite later in the week. Well, Alli, I want to wear a foundation for crying out outloud! I want my splotches, pimples, and dark circles covered. OK Originals I hear you! I am road testing some of the newest, best, most hyped foundations to tell you if they are summer in Texas worthy. That means for my originals across the country, if it works for us, it will work in your summer weather, trust.

First up today is this new serum foundation from bareMinerals.


It is the BareSkin liquid serum foundation from the brand some of you have not thought about since high school!

I am not going in depth about the claims. Honestly I can give two you know whats about the claims of products. They are 90 percent lies. Just try out a product you are interested in. I promise you there are good even great products, but none really stay completely true to the claims on the back of the bottle.

This is a serum foundation. Therefore it is supposed to be good for your skin and give you coverage while not feeling cakey. At 29 USD pricepoint, it best be good. It comes in a 1 oz puffy paint looking bottle (most foundations do) and comes in something like 27, or 29 shades.

I got mine in 03, Bare Linen, because I don’t quite have a neutral skintone, but I am also not “cool” or “warm” either.


This product is also supposed to be sold with a special buffing brush, and that also costs like 27, or 28 dollars. I was not going to spend that, because I am a makeup maverick(code for sort of cheap). I just used my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and it worked out just fine. This is how I applied;

-Put primer on.


As instructed I shook it like a Polaroid picture!


Just kidding! I wish it did say that, but it does instruct to "shake well."

Then I did this,


I put two pea sized dots on the back of my hand. One for each side of my face.



Buffed in using the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. One pea size dot does cover one side of my face in its entirety.

Final look;


Not too shabby! Not quite medium coverage,  but I didn’t do two layers. Made skin look pretty flawless. Let’s get a close up of my pesky T-Zone.


Not completely matte, but doable!

Final thoughts
-love the fact that I when I put it on, it doesn’t feel like I am wearing makeup, no really, I swear!
-it gives decent coverage.
-it lasted 11 hours on me with a primer, and time in the pool/98 degree heat (although I did not put my face underwater, but still impressive!)
-it lasted around 9 hours on my friend Ayla, shout out to Ayla! Without a primer.
-it has a SPF of 20

Original Rating
A! Except for the sort of steep price point it is a complete winner in my book!

Stay Original Everyone!


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3 Responses to Yes, It is the Season of Posting the Temperature Inside Your Car. What Foundation Should You Wear to Beat the Heat Part I

  1. clea says:

    What primer do you use? ?? Oh and hi!! Miss you!

    • allisongberg says:

      So I caved, I got the Hourglass Veil Mineral primer. I got the baby size, it’s 18 bucks at Sephora for a tiny bottle, but my goodness! It is amazing. All you need is 1 drop and it deslicks, and helps with any decent foundation

  2. allisongberg says:

    Thanks! Always proof, I make changes, sometimes they go through on my phone, sometimes they don’t. Will definitely try on my laptop next time because I have more time.

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