Lavanilla, Natural Deodorant Review

Cute Packging, do you have a story with natural deodorants? If so please let me know!

Cute Packging, do you have a story with natural deodorants? If so please let me know!

Dear Deodorant Diary,

I am so glad that after only like a week of blogging I decided to get so up close and personal with my readers. Why not talk about sweat and arm pits? Just like the ubiquitous “winter is coming,” from my beloved Game of Thrones, summer is coming any day here on Texas.

Moving on, the question is why? Why go natural. Long story short, although there is some concern with the infamous preservative paraben, I do think there is something to be said about putting a product on every single day that will not let me sweat. Although I am not the biggest sweater ever, nor have I ever had a problem with intense sweat, I do think it might be a natural detox for the body? Maybe, or maybe it’s just an embarrassing nuisance like bad breath. We shall see!

Sunday Day 1
Put Lavanilla on. The temperature was in the high 60s, and it was Easter Sunday. All I did was go out for brunch and watch The Following on Netflix. Deodorant lasted well!

Day 2
Had an average Monday at work. Was up moving around and was active, but this all happened in air conditioning. Didn’t notice any sweat or bad smell until 4:00 PM when I was going home. Not so bad unless I put my armpit in your face.

Day 3
After a rough day of testing, I was outside in mid 80 degree humid weather for 45 minutes. After 20 minutes I could smell myself! I have NEVER had that problem in my life. Sat away from coworkers and tried to reapply. Went to dinner with my home girl Lindy! What up Lindy! She took a whiff of me and honestly told me I STANK. I knew it was true. I told her I reapplied and everything! She told me I needed to blot first. That is how little I sweat! I have never blotted before!

Day 4
Same deal as previous day, but I was a little less sweaty/stinky. Did blotting trick and reapplied and it was so much better!

Day 5
CHEATED! Had one of my 10 hour work/class days so I stuck with my same Arm and Hammer deodorant/antiperspirant. Sorry!

Day 6
Same thing as day 4. Lasted until hot weather/outside time so I blotted and reapplied.

Day 7
Not an active day, didn’t put it on until dinner with the girls and it was fine/lasted the few hours of dinner.

Day 8
Waited in hot weather forever for a brunch. I was definitely gross/sticky, but anyone would have been. Reapplied and it was fine for the rest of the day.

Final thoughts; so I have never had a problem with sweat or unpleasant smells ever. To be fair, nothing is as hot as Texas weather in the late spring/summer, nothing! And I have been by the equator in the middle of July! I do not think it would be socially acceptable or around my comfort level to wear this to outside events in the summer. Also, this would not last but 10 minutes during one of my workouts. I honestly don’t know how it would work on someone that is an average/heavy sweater. Since it is not an antiperspirant, but just a deodorant, my educated guess is not well.

At the same time, do I need to always have an antiperspirant? If this experiment taught me anything, no I don’t need one all the time. I can put one on for the activities I described such as patio dining in 105 degree weather, working out, hiking, etc. When I know I am going to have a lazy day, or going into an air conditioned building for a movie, or something like that, than I can just wear my Lavanilla. Ps, on my cheat day of Arm and Hammer, I did have some irritation, skin reaction. This is highly unusual for me, but it did go away quickly. Maybe not good?

Mr. Science Doctor in training told me the body doesn’t ever really absorb Aluminum well. Aluminum is the primary ingredient in antiperspirant FYI Diary. Also FYI, I got the Vanilla Grapefruit Scent, it smells delicious. It is a solid deodorant and the packging is very cute in a Pinteresty, EASY sort of way.

You can purchase Lavanilla at Sephora for $14 (13 maybe) USD. I give it a B-/C+.

Stay tuned and Stay Original Everyone! My April favorites are coming later this week!


Lavanilla claims to be 96% Natural, and 100% healthy.

Lavanilla claims to be 96% Natural, and 100% healthy.

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One Response to Lavanilla, Natural Deodorant Review

  1. chris says:

    Inspiring post. I think im going to give this deodorant free thing a try this summer 😉

    your fiancé

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