Natural Wonders Review

My hair with no other products at all besides Wen cleansing conditioner. Beach waves like no other!

My hair with no other products at all besides Wen cleansing conditioner. Beach waves like no other!

So ladies and gents! Here is my first promised beauty blog post. I was sick of talking the talk, so now I am walking the walk. Of course I have spent months in preparation for this. Researching, buying, testing, wearing products to tell you all about. Then I got some new camera accessories for my Cannon Rebel. I wanted pretty pictures on my blog! Finally the big day was here, I was going to start my posts today I told myself.Than I realized half the light bulbs in my house don’t work or make all pictures turn out like a hospital. No Bueno for makeup swatches and such. So while that is being remedied, I have tried out some products that fall in the more “natural beauty” category to tell y’all about. No swatches required until I get the lighting situation fixed!

First up, I know that these products may not be 100% natural grown from a nearby organic farm in North Texas. I wish! “Natural” labels and distinctions can be legit, but they can also be B.S. Companies spend a lot of money to pay advertisers to make their products reflect a certain image. Just because something says its 100 percent natural does not make this true. Read and understand labels before you buy something! Just a disclaimer. I am also not judging A SOUL if they want to buy products that they want to buy.I am saying that I try to be an educated consumer and make conscience decisions when buying products.

Such as, I know Maybelline The Rocket Mascara is most likely made up of a special bat poop that has been processed and somehow along the way was made/manufactured in a foreign country, but it is cheap, good, and does wonders for my eyelashes, so I can live with that. It is my decision to wear this on my eyelashes. I also the next day can decide I want to try to have my lip products be as “food grade” as possible because the average woman eats a like 20 pounds of lipstick in her life. Be aware, be educated, but make any decision you want.

Phew! Now that disclaimer is out-of-the-way I can get on with the good stuff. First victim to try is the Fig Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner. I have seen the infomercials, I have watched Chaz Dean and his glorious mop on Bravo. My Keraste Shampoo was making my hair not purdy anymore so I decided to try this sucker out. First I went to Sephora. Next, I got the Fig version because the girl at the store said it was more for color treated hair. Third I got home, ecstatic to try this puppy out! Beautiful and shiny here I come! Hopped in the shower, read the directions and went Huh?! What! Put the breaks on Gina.

Please zoom in on the directions to see how cray they are.

Please zoom in on the directions to see how cray they are.

You are supposed to pump how much? And wash, rinse, repeat, no thank you Chazy!I am not pumping 16 pumps of this thick conditioner in my hands, on my medium length hair and repeating. This bottle was $32 for crying out loud! So I didn’t! Ha I am a hair maverick! I pumped only 8 pumps and rubbed in my scalp and all over my hair. I also made sure to rinse out for a good 3-4 minutes.

Guess what? I got out of the shower and did NOT one single thing to my hair. Just threw my mane in a towel and let airdry. Out came out beautiful waves. My hair is color treated and fine. The wavy texture my hair had was what I think my natural texture is SUPPOSED to be. It looked great all day with no gel, no hairspray, no nada.

2nd day, my hair has the greasies,after a 10 hour workday. It is usually a little oily at this point for reference. After some hard core (typing some crap into Google), I have discovered that you should let your hair get used to the conditioner and wash it 3 times, 3 days in a row. After that you should be able to go longer without washing. We shall see originals, we shall see.

You can buy Wen at Sephora, QVC, their company website, and I also have seen a limited variety of products at my local Nordstorm Rack. I will fill you in after my hair has had it’s “adjustment period.” Next up, after a week of trying it will be natural deodorant. Oh la la hippie! Stay tuned,

Next review victim...Lavanilla Deodorant. Will it work? Or will I be phunky fresh. Will update on Friday.

Next review victim…Lavanilla Deodorant. Will it work? Or will I be phunky fresh. Will update on Friday.

stay original!

All my love,
Alli G

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2 Responses to Natural Wonders Review

  1. Kirsten says:

    I have to say, I’m a wen believer. It took some adjusting though and a little trial and error to figurenout what worked on MY hair. I think that their directions are bunk. Also.. It makes a huge difference if you use cold water. It HAS to be cold.

    Love the new blog lady. I’m your number one fan;) Mua!

  2. Sharon Gappelberg says:

    Hi ALLI,
    Loved your blog! Keep it up!

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